MGH Community Oriented Primary Care Resident Elective

The MGH Community-Oriented Primary Care Resident Elective provides community health curriculum for pediatric medical interns. The residents conduct Community-Oriented Primary Care/Community-Based Participatory Research.

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MGH Pediatric residents participate in this year-long Community Oriented Primary Care/Community Based Participatory Research. They select community health initiatives and use these ideas to conduct the thought experiment of how they would do a needs assessment, come up with an intervention, create a logic model, evaluate a project, and make the project sustainable. At year's end the residents write a grant application for their project. and are exposed to ongoing projects conducted in partnership with local community organizations.

About this Program


In 2013, we have had several “break-out” sessions in which residents had an opportunity to work during class time on their project development. CCHI faculty helped them submit grant proposals by year's end. Since the residents have little ability to complete assignments outside of class, we may try to devote more time to this curriculum next year so that they have more classtime to work on project development.

For more information, contact Ariel Frey-Vogel, MD at

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