Pediatric Asthma Initiative

The MGH Pediatric Asthma Initiative is a quality improvement program. The Pediatric Asthma Registry, developed and maintained by the program, is now used for case identification and to offer reporting features for MGH Pediatric providers.


Partnering with the Mass General Physicians Organization (MGPO), the Pediatric Asthma Initiative is in place at all MGH HealthCare Centers and MGH Pediatric Group Practices.  Asthma coordinators identified at each practice site are trained to use the MGH Pediatric Asthma Registry connected with the MGH Longitudinal Medical Records (LMR).  The Registry can perform the following tasks:

- Show asthma on Problem List
- Track and document Flu shots
- List the patient's next appointment as scheduled
- Track development of an Asthma Action Plan (AAP) in LMR for each completed AAP to be saved as a note,  to auto-populate key data fields, and to be printed in Spanish if needed

About this Program


For 2013:

  • 1,563 patients out of 2,049 patients identified with persistent asthma received a flu shot or documented a refusal, exceeding last year’s performance, and 926 received a prescription for an asthma controller medication.
  • For patients ages 5-17 with persistent asthma, the flu shot actual performance was 67.37%, and the active controller actual performance was 47.67%.

For more information, please call 781-485-6400.


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