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CEASE has developed materials to help child healthcare practices routinely and effectively address family tobacco use and exposure. These materials can be used to educate and inspire tobacco users to quit for good, to connect tobacco users with smoking cessation services, and to be put up in child healthcare practices to promote a tobacco-free culture for children and their families.

CEASE provides the following free downloadable resources, all of which can be customized to meet the needs of your organization:

All CEASE materials can be downloaded using Adobe


The CEASE training and implementation materials have been designed to help clinicians and staff in child healthcare settings to implement family-centered tobacco control strategies. The training manual contains information and instructions on how to use the three easy steps of CEASE: Ask, Assist, Refer. The Implementation Guides focuses on four key areas that will help child healthcare practices implement the CEASE intervention and guides practices through creating a team to address family tobacco use and exposure. The CEASE Action Sheet is the core of the CEASE intervention. The CEASE Action Sheet (CAS) helps identify and document families with tobacco use and exposure issues and learn and document what cessation assistance was provided. The CAS also contains information about billing codes for tobacco assistance delivery and tear-off pre-printed prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy.

CEASE Training Manual


All CEASE materials can be downloaded using Adobe


Health promotion specialists, clinicians, and researchers have created materials to educate and inspire families to become completely tobacco free. These materials include brochures and halflets can be displayed in the office with other health education materials, given to families for future reference, or used as a conversation starter when talking to a person who uses tobacco. The CEASE posters have been designed to be displayed in exam rooms and waiting areas; the posters can be printed out on a standard office printer on normal copier paper.

CEASE Brochure


All CEASE materials can be downloaded using Adobe



Tobacco smoke exposure is harmful for everyone’s health, especially children and those with a respiratory illness, ear infections, asthma, or cystic fibrosis. Want to live in a smoke-free world and help make your building smoke-free? Bring one of these letters to your doctor or your child’s doctor to sign and give it to your landlord. Together, we are working toward a tobacco-free culture for all children and their families.

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