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Name of Treatment Program: Food Allergy Center

Short description: A multidisciplinary team at MassGeneral Hospital for Children’s Food Allergy Center provides evaluation and treatment for children with known and suspected food allergies and related conditions.

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Our approach:

Meet the Team

Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge patient-centered research and evidence-based, multidisciplinary practice to provide the best possible care.

Our Services

Patients with known or suspected food allergies are evaluated and treated by a team of providers including allergists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists and psychologists as appropriate. These related specialists are physically present to meet with patients at the Food Allergy Center (FAC), enabling patients and their parents to get their needs met in the most practical, coherent and efficient manner. We primarily focus on the diagnosis and treatment of:

Patient evaluation will involve detailed history and exam as well as testing procedures such as food challenges and both skin prick and patch skin testing when indicated.

Values and Philosophy

Pediatric Allergy Locations Near You

Our allergists practice at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston and also at community locations including Newton-Wellesley Hospital, MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center and Mass General West in Waltham.

A Tradition of Caring

At MassGeneral Hospital for Children we know that the time of your child's diagnosis and treatment is a very stressful one and we strive to provide an open, welcoming environment. We believe that no one knows a child as well as the parent does: parents, along with primary care providers, become our partners in a child's care and have an active voice in all treatment plans.

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Specialists at MassGeneral Hospital for Children’s Food Allergy Center evaluate and treat children with food allergies and related conditions including:


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