Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Grant Awardees: MGHfC Research Day

Patricia Rodriguez Bachiller

Abstract: TGF-ß decreases expression of NO signaling enzymes in the injured newborn lung and in vascular smooth muscle cells - working with Jesse Roberts in the Pediatric ICU at MGHfC
"I was honored to receive the travel award at the MGHfC Research Day! I plan to use this to attend either the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting or the Experimental Biology Meeting in spring 2011."

Leah Jacoby

Abstract: Total and site-specific fat and lean mass as predictors of bone density in female adolescent athletes worked with Dr. Madhu Misra in Pediatric Endocrinology at MGHfC
"I am currently a fourth year medical student, and I spent the past year as a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow. I was working at the MGH where I was honored to win an award at the MGHfC Research Day for my poster presentation regarding bone density and body composition in adolescent female athletes. 

Having the opportunity to present my work to a group of highly regarded researchers was both challenging and rewarding. Not only was it an unexpected honor to win this award, but it enabled me to attend the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting in San Diego this past June. This was the first national conference I have attended, and it was an amazing experience.  It introduced me to a whole new dimension of academic medicine and medical education.  I was fascinated by the constant interplay between research and clinical work. For me, the best part of the experience was being with researchers and clinicians who are national leaders in their field and listening to their dialogue about a certain disease-- or in another session, hearing two leading clinicians debate the practice implications of the same set of data. I am being trained in medical school to practice evidence-based medicine, and this conference gave me a new level of understanding about how the best clinical practice is derived from the best basic, translational, and clinical research.

It was fun and exciting to be part of a large national conference and to be exposed to so many people in my area of interest.  I am deeply grateful to MGHfC for giving me this opportunity."

Helena Paidassi

Abstract: Description of novel innate activation of macrophage: Role in host immunity and intestinal immunopathology - working with Adam Lacy-Hulbert in Development Immunology at MGHfC
"I will use the award to attend the 10th World Congress on Inflammation in Paris in June 2011 http://www.inflammation2011.com/ ."

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