Thursday, February 19, 2009

Research Funding

Charles H. Hood Foundation Child Health Research Awards Program

Program Officer: Gay Lockwood

The Charles H. Hood Foundation was incorporated in 1942 to improve the health and quality of life for children through grant support of New England-based pediatric researchers. Today's research projects encompass many disciplines that accelerate pediatric discoveries while launching the careers of promising junior faculty. To date, the program has supported over 470 investigators.

The intent of the award is to support newly independent faculty, provide the opportunity to demonstrate creativity, and assist in the transition to other sources of research funding. Research projects must be relevant to child health.

Two-year grants of $150,000 ($75,000 per year inclusive of 10% indirect costs) are awarded to researchers who are within five years of their first faculty appointment by the funding start date. Applicants must be working in nonprofit academic and/or medical research institutions within the six New England states. Grants support hypothesis-driven clinical, basic science, public health, health services research and epidemiology projects. Application deadlines occur in the Spring and Fall of each year. Funding begins every July and January, respectively.

The fall 2008 application cycle has closed. The next application deadline will be in March 2009 for the two-year funding period of July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2011.

The Harvard Catalyst (the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center)

The Harvard Catalyst (the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center) is in the midst of its first pilot award competition. Those invited for second-round proposals will be reviewed in the next few weeks with decisions expected by February.  It seems quite likely that there will be a second competition for pilot awards announced in early spring - so stay tuned. These pilot awards emphasize new collaborations among disciplines and investigators. In addition, there is a K12 junior faculty support program attached to the CTSA, and it will likely be accepting applications in the spring. The combined in and out patient research sites throughout Harvard and MIT (Catalyst PCIR services) are offering "off-unit" resources including research nursing and bionutrition services for studies being done by investigators in their clinics or throughout the hospital. In addition, centralized discounted core lab assay services for CTSC investigators with approved protocols will be available within the next two months. Please contact Dr. Madhusmita Misra at MassGeneral Hospital for Children for further details regarding these resources for pediatric investigators.

If you haven't already done so, you may want to try out the Catalyst website for information about the CTSC and increasing connections with other investigators throughout the system. The website provides a great way to identify potential research colleagues and also provides a good deal of information about resources to aid research, including how to get consultations in biostatistics, genetics, and imaging, or to make use of the extensive core laboratories around Harvard.

Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund

The Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Research Fund funds innovative and collaborative clinical research, demonstration projects and pilot studies from any not-for-profit organization or institution that serves children with physical or developmental disabilities and associated health-related complications within the program's geographical area of interest. One-year grants up to $75,000 (inclusive of 10% indirect costs) support projects aimed at improving the quality of life for children and adolescents with physical and developmental disabilities. A complete listing of the geographic eligibility area is contained in the guidelines. New investigators and junior faculty are encouraged to apply. Proposals for basic science research will not be considered nor will applications for capital costs such as buildings, renovations, or major equipment items. Further information at

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