Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Family-Friendly Center for Perioperative Care Opens


Associate Chief Nurse Dawn Tenney, RN, MSN, Pediatric Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist Pam Wrigley, RN, and Director of the CPC Beth Ellbeg, RN, MS, cut the ribbon to the newly renovated Center for Perioperative Care.

Smiling staff toured the newly renovated Center for Perioperative Care (CPC) in third floor of the Wang building during a dedication and ribbon cutting on February 22. Ten years in the making, the eagerly anticipated transformed CPC boasts a modern, family-centered design with healing colors and clean lines, and has begun accepting new patients as of February 25.

The pediatric waiting room, separate from the main adult waiting room, is adjoined to the pediatric pre-op bays with sliding glass doors, where pediatric patients are prepared for surgery and then taken to operating rooms on the same floor. The halls will soon be decorated with artwork to promote a calm and inviting atmosphere to children, and a Child Life cabinet packs relaxation and distraction tools for the Child Life specialists to use within the unit and as they travel through the whole perioperative experience. For Pediatric Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist Pam Wrigley, RN, the transformation is a new beginning.

“It’s incredible to think how we have progressed from when I came aboard to the former Same Day Surgery Unit in 1995 to where we are now,” Wrigley says.

During the ribbon cutting and dedication, Beth Ellbeg, RN, MS, Director of the CPC and Dawn Tenney, RN, Associate Chief Nurse, shared congratulations to the staff. A hospital chaplain also blessed the CPC, saying “may those who enter here be blessed in mind, body and spirit.”

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