Monday, March 18, 2013

Q&A with marathon runner Margo Smith

Margo Smith, running for Kim, age, 20, lymphoma

Margo Smith, running for Kim, age, 20, lymphoma

Q: What is your name?

Margo Smith

Q: Where are you from?

I live in the South End of Boston, but I'm originally from outside Atlanta, GA.

Q: What is your role at Massachusetts General Hospital?

2013 Marathon Team Member

Q: Why did you choose to run the marathon for MassGeneral Hospital for Children?

My sister-in-law ran for Mass General Hospital for Children last year. When I went to donate, I learned about all the cause for which she was running. I was inspired to join the team for the 2013 marathon; I couldn't think of a better cause!

Q: What kind of experience do you have as a runner?

I've been running for about 12 years now. I ran my first marathon in 2008, and I have done a few more since then. I can't wait to run my 1st Boston Marathon!

Q: What inspires you as a runner?

I find inspiration in many places like my friends, my health, or a nice day. However, during my Boston Marathon training, the patients of Mass General Hospital for Children and their families have truly inspired me to dig deeper and push through fatigue or simply to get out the door when I'd rather sit on the couch.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment preparing for the marathon?

Mass General's 15 mile team run was definitely a memorable one for me. It was so cold and snowy Saturday morning, but there was still a large group of us ready to run. I started chatting with another team member, and we missed a turn and ended up running an extra mile. We also accidentally ran through a giant puddle of mud, and I was covered past my ankles. I could easily look back and think about everything that went wrong, but I honestly walked away feeling like it was one of the best runs of my life. What a difference a team makes!

Q: What have you learned about your patient partner and what makes her special?

My patient partner Kim is truly an amazing young woman. She doesn't let the negative things in life define her, but rather she surpasses them and stays focused on her goals. I think back to when I was her age, and I didn't have nearly the same amount of maturity or dedication.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about marathon day?

For years, I have watched the Boston Marathon on Beacon Street with some of my closest friends. When I see them in our usual spot and hear them cheering me on, I know it will be an emotional moment.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I've been blown away by the support of the Mass General staff members and my teammates. I am not only honored to be running for such a great cause, but I am grateful to be a part of the Mass General team.

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