Friday, July 19, 2013

Playing It Cool In The Heat

Searching for a activities that will keep your kids entertained while avoiding the soaring temperatures outside? The MassGeneral Hospital for Children's Child Life Team shares tips on fun indoor activities:

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  • A movie afternoon: Lights Off, Shades Down, Popsicles instead of Popcorn…And enjoy the show!
  • Touch base with your inner artist: Glue together your now-empty popsicle sticks to make your own creation (picture frame, etc.)!
  • Use your imagination as you create your very own sailboat "fort": Plug in the fans and let the fun begin!
  • Bring the pool inside: Hop in the tub and grab your rubber ducky for a mid-day swim!
  • Indoor picnic: Unpack your basket full of lunch-time goodies on the living room floor. They'll be no ants in sight!
  • Teddy Bear ICED Tea Party: Switch the hot beverages for your favorite cold brew.
  • Keep that oven off: Try an ice cream sundae or no-bake treat!
  • Create your own electricity: With a board game tournament!
  • Leave the sand at the beach: Swamp the sand for legos or blocks for some castle-building fun!
  • Scavenger hunt: Turn of the lights and grab those flashflights to locate your children on hidden items during an indoor scavenger hunt!

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