If you would like to apply for a position on one of these committees, please fill out an application. You can direct your questions to FAC@partners.org.

Time Committment
Meeting Time/Location
Pediatric Pain Subcommittee*
Goal is to explore pain mitigation strategies and techniques and raise awareness of the same in the MGHfC community. Monthly
4th Thursday at 11 am, Warren 11

MGHfC Quality & Safety Committee*

Addresses overall themes or issues related to quality and safety. Reviews and proposes changes to clinical policies, modifications to clinical practices and processes that impact quality, reviews med errors, patient sat, etc. Semi-monthly
1st, 3rd Thursdays at 11 am
Ethics Committee
Reviews cases in which ethics decisions require advice and provides education in ethics to the department Monthly
3rd Tuesday 1:30-2:30 pm
Pediatric Guide Book Advisory Group
A notebook is being developed for primary care practices to provide useful information to parents and to help them prepare for upcoming well-child visits.
5:30-7:30 pm
Safety Initiative for Pedi Patients (SIPPs)
Collaborative practice/quality and safety committee of the Emergency Department (ED). Group has tackled issues such as developing clinical pathways for neonates presenting to the ED and enhancing collaboration between social service and clinicians.
1st, 3rd Tuesdays at 9 am, Wilkins conference room in Founders One
Pedi Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)
Focus on improving the palliative care program at MGHfC.  Past work has included planning for Sibshops, and support and recreational groups for siblings of children with chronic illnesses.
Mondays at 2 pm, Ellison 17 conference room
Transitions Committee*
Discuss transition of older pediatric patients to adult primary care and specialty caregivers, including transition from the pediatric to the adult floors. Monthly
3rd Friday at noon
Pediatric Quality & Safety "Speak Up" Subcommittee
A campaign to engage of staff (multidisciplinary) and families in the patient safety initiative

* Indicates committee already has a parent member. We encourage prospective parent members to choose from the other committees.


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