Some symptoms of achondroplasia include:

  • Shortened legs, arms, and fingers
  • Large head size with a prominent forehead and a flattened nasal bridge
  • Crowded or misaligned teeth
  • Curvature in the lower spine
  • Small canals in vertebrae that can lead to spinal cord compression in adolescence, which interferes with breathing. On occasion, infants or young children can dangerously be affected by this in their sleep.
  • Bowed lower legs and flat, broad feet
  • Trident hand, or extra space between the middle and ring fingers
  • Face or tooth numbess
  • Poor muscle tone and loose joints, which can cause delays in walking or the development of other motor skills
  • Apnea, or the stopping or slowing down of breath for short period
  • Difficulty bending elbows
  • Increased risk for ear infections
  • Increased risk for obesity

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