Specially trained representatives staff the MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) Access and Appointment Center. They link pediatricians, family practitioners, pediatric specialists and other healthcare providers to the many programs and services at MGHfC.

Benefit to Referring Physicians/Physicians' Office Staff

Representatives provide direct contact to MGHfC specialists when clinicians have questions, concerns, need an urgent appointment or have specific problems accessing or navigating through our services. Referring physicians or their office staff should call 888-MGH-fC11 (888-644-3211).

Benefit to Patients

Representatives are available to schedule appointments and facilitate registration in one simple phone call. They also work hard to match patient demographics with MGHfC locations so that appointments can be scheduled in the most convenient locations. Patients should call 888-MGH-FC4U (888-644-3248).

Access Center and Physician Relations Management

The Access Center representatives can assist with any of the following access needs:

  • Facilitating urgent appointment requests for new patients, follow-up services, ancillary testing of clinical services at MGHfC.
  • Facilitating direct access to any physician, clinician, or staff member at MGHfC.
  • Accepting your feedback regarding practice interactions, access, and availability.
  • Requesting a directory of MassGeneral Hospital for Children pediatric specialists.
  • Seek out solutions for issues or questions that come about MGHfC.
  • Changing your contact information or the contact information for your practice.