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Application Deadlines

Spring 2023:  Spring applications will be accepted through January 1st. Applications received by December 1st will receive a $50 tuition discount. Applications received late, after January 1st, will incur a $25 late processing fee. Please note COVID Vaccinations Are Required for all in-person programming. 

Child Schedule

Spring 2023 Child Schedule (pdf)

Fall 2022 Child Schedule (pdf)

Summer 2022 Child Summer Camp Schedule (pdf) - The summer 2023 camp schedule will be posted here on January 17th. To receive updates on child programming, including notifications when new schedules are  posted, follow this link.


Teen Schedule

Spring 2023 Teen Schedule (pdf)

Fall 2022 Teen Schedule (pdf)

Summer 2022 Teen Schedule (pdf)
To read detailed descriptions of our summer Explorations and Transitions programs, follow this link.

Adult Schedule

Spring 2023 Adult Schedule (pdf)

Fall 2022 Adult Schedule (pdf)

Summer 2022 Adult Schedule (pdf)

Parent Schedule

Parent programs are designed for parents and caregivers of individuals with ASD (an Asperger profile) or a related social profile. Parent participants do not need to have a child currently registered in an Aspire program. To register for a parent group or individualized parent coaching sessions, please submit a parent programs application

Spring 2023 Parent Schedule (pdf)

Fall 2022 Parent Schedule (pdf)

Summer 2022 Parent Schedule (pdf)

How to Apply

Please refer to the following 3-step process below to complete your Application today.

New Participants must submit the following forms to complete their Application:

Program Interest Sheet
Application Form (General Application, Parent Programs Application or Special Event Application)

New Aspire Works Participants must submit the following forms to complete their Application:

Program Interest Sheet
Aspire Works Services Application, or
Aspire Works Internship Application (for internship participants only)

Returning Participants must submit the following forms to complete their Application:

Program Interest Sheet
Returning Participant Application

Step 1: Download applicable forms here:
Application forms can now be filled out and submitted electronically using a desktop or laptop computer. All PDF forms must be viewed and submitted using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are having trouble submitting the PDF files, please download Acrobat Reader here.

Program Interest sheet - SPRING 2023
Returning Participant Application (PDF)
General Application - age 17 and under (PDF)
General Application - age 18 and up (PDF)
Aspire Works Internship Application (PDF)
Aspire Works Services Application (PDF)
Aspire Works Supplemental Info (PDF)
Special Event Application (PDF)
Parent Programs Application (PDF)
Financial Aid Application (PDF)
Release of Information (PDF)

Step 2. Include new information or documentation:

Provide relevant recent information, such as a neuropsychological report, IEP or other evaluations; an updated resume (for the internship program); or any supporting financial documentation for financial aid applications if Aspire does not already have it on file.

Step 3. Submit application forms:

Sign and date all forms and submit with a $75 application fee (new applicants only) by the application deadline to:

1 Maguire Road
Lexington, MA 02421

Phone: 781-860-1900  Fax: 781-860-1920

What to expect during the Aspire application process:

After the completed application materials are received, potential candidates will be scheduled for an interview session to assess if they are an appropriate match for our programs. Aspire’s unique matching process groups participants together based on a myriad of factors. These may include learning and cognitive profile, shared passions, level of therapeutic support needed, personality, and personal goals. By placing participants in a well-matched peer cohort or internship placement, our experienced staff can help participants to feel a sense of belonging, boost their self-esteem and social confidence, and cultivate a safe space where learning, growing, and skill-development can occur.  During the applicants’ interview session, we may request to meet separately with parents to provide more information about our programs and learn about your goals for your child at Aspire.

Aspire intake interview sessions only take place in our Lexington office.

Attendance Policy

The success of the group and of each participant is dependent upon all members attending as many sessions as possible. We expect that participants will make a commitment to the group. In case of an unavoidable absence, please let your group leader know with as much notice as possible. No refunds are given due to absences unless related to extensive medical conditions.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, participants/families will be notified via email by noon whether the group/session will be held on that day. Participants/families may also call the Aspire office at 781-860-1900 after 12pm.

How to Pay

Application Fee

If this is the first time that you are submitting an application to an Aspire program, or if you have not participated in a program within a school year, a $75 application fee is required.

Payment Options

To pay by check, please mail to 1 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421. To pay by credit card, please call 781-860-1900. Application fees, program deposits and program tuition are non-refundable. Call or email mghaspire@partners.org with questions.

Payment Due

Payment is due upon receipt of acceptance. Participant’s spot will be held for 2 weeks. Payment in full is required before the start of group. Payment plans are available upon request.

Group Discounts

  • Multi-Group Discount - 10% discount for any single participant taking two or more groups concurrently.
  • Family Discount - 10% discount for two or more siblings, or a participant and parent, participating in Aspire groups concurrently.

Financial Aid Support

We are grateful that generous donors have provided us with funding to support families in substantial financial need.

Submittal of a financial aid application does not guarantee support. Financial aid support is awarded based on multiple criteria including family income, family assets, size of family, etc. Financial aid support is designed to make school year groups and summer programming available to participants regardless of economic status. Families must have up to date financial aid documentation on file to receive support.

Applicants Over 18

If the applicant lives with a parent/legal guardian, we require that both the participant and the parents/legal guardians provide financial documentation; otherwise, the financial aid application will be considered incomplete. If the applicant does not live with a parent/guardian, Aspire staff will need to understand the nature of the financial relationship of the parent and child. Please specify any financial or material support (e.g., below-market rent, groceries, utilities payments, tuition support, monthly cash support) that the applicant receives from family or others under the “additional consideration” section.

Returning Applicants

A new financial aid application must be submitted each year. We may require updated tax information after April 15th to make a final determination for financial aid requests if you are applying for one of our summer programs.


Please be aware that Aspire offers multidisciplinary interventions and methods that do not fit standard medical procedure codes; therefore, our services are not reimbursable by medical insurers.

District Pay

If your child requires Aspire programming either to make progress during the school year, or to maintain progress made during the school year over the summer, AND your school system does not have a program that adequately addresses that need, you may be entitled to district funding. Please contact your school administrator to see if your situation would qualify. If your school district is funding your child, please provide an official communication (email from school or on school letterhead) stating their intent to pay. School districts do not receive financial aid.