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"Changemakers' Challenge-Sparking a Love for Service in Neurodiverse Teens"
Taylor Levesque, MA
Associate Program mamnager, Child Services
December 2021

"Enhanced Rationality in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Scott McLeod, PhD
Executive Director
November 2021

"Previewing: Helping to Build Prediction Skills"
Jenn O'Rourke, MS
Associate Program Manager, Child Services
October 2021

"An Aspire Intern's Experience"
Jack Lewis, MEd
Associate Program Manager, Aspire Works
October 2021

"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Make Room for Neurodiversity"
Elise Wulff, MEd
Senior Program Manager, Child Services and Aspire Works
August 2021

"Transitioning Into Summer"
Twanesha Wilcox, PsyD
Postdoctoral Fellow
July 2021

"Pride During the Pandemic"
Andrew Harris, MEd
Associate Program Manager, Teen and Adult Services
June 2021

"Supporting Healthy Identity Development"
Emily Hartnett, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Lurie Center for Autism
May 2021

"Autism Awareness and Acceptance"
Jessie Pappagianopoulos, MA
Assistant Program Manager, Teen and Adult Programs, Aspire
April 2021

"Our Year Together"

Brett Mulder, PsyD
Director, Teen and Adult Services, Aspire
March 2021

Letter From the Executive Director

Scott McLeod, PhD
Executive Director, Aspire
January 2021

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