Based on feedback from our Advisory Council, our interns, and interest calls, we have expanded the services that we offer.  Take a look!

By Leslie O’Brien, LICSW Manager, Aspire Works

You asked, we answered.

Due to popular demand, Aspire is now offering more employment services! Aspire Works is our new expansion of services for employers and participants to help support neurodiversity in the workplace. We are thrilled to now offer the following services:

For Employers


Building awareness and a supportive culture for neurodiverse employees is important to a company’s success. Perhaps you’re looking to adjust and improve your recruitment program to access the unique talents of neurodiverse minds help to create a more inclusive and productive workforce. Whatever your goal to build a more neurodiverse workforce, we’re here to help.

Aspire now offers companies the following trainings and workshops:

    • Introduction to Neurodiversity
    • Neurodiverse Hiring Practices
    • Neurodiverse Management Practices I
    • Neurodiverse Management Practices II


Coaching managers, supervisors and colleagues on best practices to support neurodiverse employees ensures an inclusive (and productive) work environment for employees. We provide 1:1 individualized or group guidance to troubleshoot any concerns and manage feedback or supervisory conversations.

Neurodiverse employees benefit from mentoring and assistance to navigate workplace norms, difficult conversations and better understand job expectations

Become an employer partner

Our internship program continues to grow, offering a supportive work experience for autistic adults and related cognitive profiles entering the workforce and companies excited to mentor them. Every employer partner receives a training and is paired with an Aspire Career Counselor to provide coaching and act as a resource throughout the internship session. 

For Participants

Internship program

Our internship program has been going strong for five years providing valuable work experience, skill building and individual coaching. Participants are carefully matched with a trained Aspire employer partner to provide the best fit.  A Career Counselor works with the intern individually and in collaboration with the supervisor to provide feedback and career guidance during the work experience. Orientation and seminar provide opportunities for skill-building and building connections with others with similar experiences

Career Counseling

Are you looking for one-to-one support sessions to develop for a short-term or long-term career goal? Perhaps you’re making a transition out of school, looking for a work/life balance, interested in improving your networking or interviewing skills. Whatever your stage of work, college, career development, or area of growth, our experienced Career Counselors are here to help you.

We are thrilled to be offering these new services and look forward to working with you! If you are interested in learning more about these services, please contact