All upcoming Aspire special events are listed below. This page is updated regularly so please check back often for future events. To see Aspire in the news, or read about us in notable publications, scroll down to our "In The News" section.

Special Events

To register for a special event listed below, returners may call 781-860-1900 to register. New Aspire participants should submit a special event application.

Sunday, October 23rd
Halloween Celebration
Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm 
Cost: $50
Open to child participants, new and returning, aged 5 -13 yrs
Location:  Westwood
Join us at Hale Reservation for an MGH Aspire Halloween Special Event! In matched peer cohorts, participants will enjoy Halloween-themed games, activities, and movement (including a Scavenger Hunt for our older participants). We invite caregivers, parents, and siblings to join us for a practice run of trick-or-treating around our Hale site to finish out the celebration. Siblings and friends 13 and under are welcome to register. Individuals new to Aspire should submit a Special Event Application and schedule a brief phone screening. 

Saturday, October 29th
Hike and BBQ
Time: 11:00am - 1:30pm 
Cost: $35
Open to teen participants, new and returning, aged 14 -18 yrs
Location:  Westwood
Participants will enjoy the beauty of nature by participating in a hike at Hale Reservation. After the hike, we will share a catered barbecue lunch. Following lunch, attendees can play lawn games, socialize with peers, and soak in the great outdoors. Participants are welcome to bring a peer-aged friend or sibling to enjoy this event. 

Saturday, October 29th
Try Something New: Robotics! 
Time: 11:00am - 1:30pm 
Cost: $125
Open to adult participants, new and returning, aged 18+ yrs
Location:  Westwood
Are you looking for an opportunity to try out a new hobby or meet some new people? This fall, Aspire is thrilled to host a robot building and programming event! No experience is necessary! The cost of the kit and other materials are included in the price. This special event is in-person only.

In The News

20th Anniversary Aspire Gala 2022 - Aspire: Then, Now, Next
In celebration of our 20th year, Aspire participants share their memories of and gratitude for Aspire.

Honoring Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month
- Explore GBH Magazine, April 2022.
Jonathan C. Abbott, President and CEO of GBH, discusses their long standing relationship with Aspire and our Internship program.

Actress with Autism Opens up About ‘Autism Burnout’ – Boston 25 News- By Heather Hegedus, Boston 25 News April 05, 2022. Sue Ann Pien, who portrays Violet in a new Amazon Prime video series called “As We See It,” discusses her personal experience with autism biurnout.  

Exciting News for Aspire Adventure Camp Trailblazers, read more about the impact of Aspire receiving the Leadership Pathways Project grant from the American Camp Association (ACA) to establish a formalized Leader-In-Training (LIT) program over the next 3 years!

Aspire Gala 2020: Virtual Summer Programming
During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, while many other summer camps had to close, Aspire was able to stay flexible, creative and adapt to a new virtual platform in order to deliver support and programming to our participants. A few of our participants and families discuss their experiences with Aspire.

Aspire 2019 Gala: "People Matter. Moments Matter"
Here's to the people in our lives who make a difference: best friends, teachers, siblings, parents, employers, mentors. These are the Moments that Matter.

Aspire 2018 Spring Gala: "Light Up"
It was a privilege to be able to share the perspectives of some of our participants here at Aspire. Their answers to "Five Questions about Autism" will enlighten you.

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Aspire 2017 Spring Gala: "Dear Aspire"
"You taught me to be myself" and "You've given me a voice" are just a few of the words from former Aspire participants that were shared at our 2017 Gala.
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