Aspire Programs

Aspire offers year-round programming for individuals aged 5 years to adult, including social groups, summer camp, school vacation camp and special events. For adults looking for work-related support, Aspire helps participants navigate the work environment, gain on-the-job skills and achieve professional goals. Aspire also provides consultation and support services designed to educate and broaden the understanding of the unique strengths and needs of this population.

Child Programs

Aspire provides children and young adolescents with opportunities to develop key skills in naturalistic childhood contexts.

Teen Programs

Aspire provides teens and young adults with opportunities to learn independent living skills, develop positive relationships, and make meaningful connections.

Adult Programs

Aspire provides adults with social and work-related opportunities to develop relationships, navigate the work environment, gain on-the-job skills and create a culture of success.

Parent Programs

Aspire offers programming that provides education, support, and a sense of community for the families of individuals who identify with an ASD, Asperger’s or similar social profile.

Corporate Consultation Services

Aspire provides corporate consultation designed to support hiring and managing the unique talent that neurodiverse employees bring to the workforce.

Professional Development

Aspire’s professional development and training consultants are highly sought after at local and national conferences and well regarded by professional peers.

My daughter’s experiences at Aspire over the last many years have helped shaped her confidence and self-awareness to move away from home and go forward in her adult life. I cannot thank you enough. Your staff are truly amazing

Aspire Participant