What is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease that can make it harder for your child to breathe by causing the tubes that bring air in and out of the lungs to narrow.

Is There a Connection Between Asthma and Weight?

Yes, there can be a connection between asthma and weight. In some cases, extra weight can make asthma symptoms worse and harder to manage. Asthma can then make it harder to keep a healthy weight because exercise or other physical activities can make certain asthma symptoms worse, like trouble breathing or coughing.

Can My Child's Asthma Treatment Cause Weight Gain?

Weight gain can be a side effect of some asthma medications, but it depends on the type of medication and how your child takes it. Weight gain is rare if children take their medications properly and at the correct dose.

What is an asthma flare?

An asthma flare is when a person’s asthma symptoms worsen and make it hard for the person to breathe. Asthma attacks rarely happen without any warning – usually there are signs (such as cough or shortness of breath) warning a person that their asthma is acting up.

If you notice these signs that your child’s asthma is acting up, follow the steps in his Asthma Action Plan. If your child does not have an Asthma Action Plan, ask his health care provider to create one with you.

Most asthma attacks can be prevented by consistent and correct use of controller medications. If you have any questions about your child’s controller medications, talk with your child’s health care provider.


Rev. 7/2018
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