What Causes Early Puberty in Girls?

The causes of early adrenal puberty and early gonadal puberty are different.

Early adrenal puberty: Sometimes, early adrenal puberty is normal. Other times, a problem with the adrenal glands can cause your daughter to have early adrenal puberty.

Early gonadal puberty: There are 2 types of early gonadal puberty, which have different causes. These are:

  • Gonadotropin dependent puberty
    This type of puberty is caused by the pituitary gland making the hormones FSH and LH, which stimulate the ovaries to make estrogen. This can be caused by tumors, radiation or trauma in the central nervous system or can be idiopathic. This means we have not found a cause of the early gonadal puberty.
  • Gonadotropin independent puberty
    This type of puberty is caused by the ovaries working on their own or exposure to medication or products with hormones in them.

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Rev. 1/2015
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