• Catherine Aftandilian, MD

Photo of Catherine Aftandilian, MD

    Clinical Instructor in Pediatric Oncology, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford
    “I loved my time at MGHfC. I'm stilling trying to get back there despite the fact that the weather in California is just a bit better than the weather in Boston!” Read more.


  • Lisa Lovas Bakhos, MD

Photo of Lisa Lovas Bakhos, MD

    Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, NJ
    “Looking back at my time at MGHfC, I realize how amazing it was for my development as the physician I am today.” Read more.


  • Kathryn S. Brigham, MD

    Photo of Kathryn S. Brigham, MD

    Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at MGHfC
    “I clearly loved MGHfC, since I chose to come back! Not only did I receive a fantastic and well rounded education at MGH.” Read more.


  • Ezra Cohen, MD

Photo of Ezra Cohen, MD

    Fellow in Rheumatology at Boston Children’s Hospital
    “Coming to MGHfC for residency was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is unique among residency programs, offering amazing training in general pediatrics and specialties while preserving autonomy for residents.” Read more.


  • John D’Orazio, MD

Photo of John D’Orazio, MD

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Kentucky
    “MGHfC was a superb place for me to learn pediatrics. I often advise medical students to look for residencies that give them true opportunities to “fly on their own” a bit with patient care, and MGHfC certainly provided such times for me.” Read more.


  • Genevieve Daftary, MD

Photo of Genevieve Daftary, MD

    Pediatric Medical Director at Codman Square Health Center
    “I always tell people that I chose MGHfC because I knew I wanted to be a great primary care pediatrician, and I knew that meant being given real decision making opportunities as a resident and the chance to consistently see bread and butter pediatrics AND the rare diagnoses.” Read more.


  • Mike Epstein, MD

Photo of Mike Epstein, MD

    Pediatric Hospitalist, MGHfC
    “After an away rotation at MGHfC, I knew both what I wanted to and where I wanted to do it. Three years later, my dream has come true: I am a PGY-3 peds resident at MGHfC, preparing to be a chief resident next year. ” Read more.


  • Jason Harris, MD

Photo of Jason Harris, MD

    Associate Microbiologist, Associate Pediatrician, Massachusetts General Hospital; Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
    “I’ve been at MGHfC for more than 15 years and it all started with an AMAZING experience as a resident at MGHfC!!! When I think about the quality of my work (and my work life), it starts with the quality of my colleagues and how we work together and support each other.” Read more.


  • Emily Herzberg, MD

Photo of Emily Herzberg, MD

    Chief Resident, MGHfC
    “After living here for 3 years, I honestly can’t imagine my life without MGHfC! It is truly an incredible place to train, and I feel so lucky to be continuing here as one of the Pediatric Chief Residents for 2016-2017.” Read more.


  • Anna Larson, MD

Photo of Anna Larson, MD

    University of Minnesota
    MGHfC is such a special to work and study. Here, the sometimes-terrifying transition from tentative early resident to true clinician is one that is made easier through incredible support and a collaborative spirit. Read more.


  • Elizabeth (Betsy) McKeen, MD

Photo of Elizabeth (Betsy) McKeen, MD

    Primary Care Pediatrician at Belmont Cambridge Health Care in Cambridge, MA
    “Although I clearly was not the only resident in my class at MGHfC, I often felt like I was. From the moment I arrived, the faculty enthusiastically reached out to get to know me as person as well to discover my interests and goals as a pediatrician.” Read more.


  • Hasan Merali, MD

Photo of Hasan Merali, MD

    Sommer Scholar, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    “I initially came to MGHfC as a one-year preliminary resident and was supposed to continue to a career in ophthalmology. However, after just 6 months of challenging and exciting pediatric rotations taught by the most caring faculty members, I decided to stay for the full residency.” Read more.


  • Vi Thuy Nguyen, MD

Photo of Vi Thuy Nguyen, MD

    Kaiser San Diego Partner Physician, Medical Director Pediatrics Otay Mesa Clinic, Pediatric Asthma Lead
    “Every day I am grateful for my clinical training and the pediatric attendings that invested in us. I often think back to the words of wisdom of Drs. Pasternak, Ezekowitz, Kinane, Levitsky and company imparted to us on those late night teaching rounds.” Read more.


  • Meryl Perlman, MD

Photo of Meryl Perlman, MD

    I am doing a fellowship in Clinical Medical Ethics at The University of Chicago MacLean Center, working in Urgent Care at Lurie Children’s Hospital and doing pediatric GI research in the hopes of starting the GI fellowship I had intended to do out just of residency (Ron Kleinman was right-I should have done it 10 years ago!)
    “There is not a day that goes by when in my personal and professional life I don’t think of the incredible opportunities and experiences I had as a trainee at MGHfC.” Read more.


  • Patricia (Patty) Marzol Peters, MD

Photo of Patricia (Patty) Marzol Peters, MD

    General Pediatrician at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Wellesley, MA
    “I will always treasure my time at MGHfC. I entered residency knowing what I wanted to be: a pediatrician.” Read more.


  • David S. Reitman, MD, MBA

Photo of David S. Reitman, MD, MBA

    Medical Director, American University Student Health Center; Attending in Adolescent Medicine, Georgetown University Hospital
    “As a resident at MGHfC, I always knew that I wanted to specialize in Adolescent Medicine. After graduation, I did a year of private practice in anticipation of starting an adolescent medicine fellowship at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC.” Read more.


  • Nina Mayer Ritchie, MD, and Eric Ritchie, MD

Photo of Nina Mayer Ritchie, MD, and Eric Ritchie, MD

    Nina: Study Physician, Associate Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for American Indian Health, Infectious Disease Team, Chinle, AZ; Eric: Med-Peds Hospitalist, transitioning to Clinical Director, Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility, Chinle, AZ
    “Training at MGHfC gave us the opportunity to be surrounded by amazing colleagues with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, some of whom have worked with Indian Health Services. ” Read more.


  • Scott Rivkees, MD

Photo of Scott Rivkees, MD

    Chair and Nemours Eminent Scholar, Department of Pediatrics, University of Florida; Physician-in-Chief Shands Children's Hospital; Academic Chair of Pediatrics, Arnold Palmer Hospital.
    “My training at Mass General to be summarized in a few words: inspiring, caring, and exciting. But, if you'd like more than a few words, let me suggest my recent book ‘Resident on Call: A Doctor’s Reflections on his First Years at Mass General.’ ” Read more.


  • Megan Schultz, MD, MA

Photo of Megan Schultz, MD, MA

    Fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
    “I could not have designed a better pediatric residency program than MGHfC. It was the perfect mix of autonomy with guidance, primary care with subspecialty pediatrics, bread and butter diagnoses with rare pathologies. ” Read more.


  • Lisa Stellwagen, MD, FAAP

Photo of Lisa Stellwagen, MD, FAAP

    Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology at UC San Diego Medical Center. Medical Director of Newborn Service. NICU Hospitalist. This summer I will become an Associate Pediatric Residency Program Director.
    “My journey in pediatrics has taken me from the community clinic, to private practice and now the academic hospital setting. I feel my well-rounded training in a general hospital prepared me for all three. ” Read more.


  • Melissa Stockwell MD, MPH

Photo of Melissa Stockwell MD, MPH

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Population and Family Health, Columbia University
    “My time at MGHfC steered me into the path of combining pediatrics and public health. Throughout my training there I was always taught to look not just at the child that I was caring for, but at the whole family and even at times the community.” Read more.


  • Julia von Oettingen, MD

Photo of Julia von Oettingen, MD

    Attending Physician, Pediatric Endocrinology, Montreal Children’s Hospital; Assistant Professor, McGill University
    “MGHfC was the place I made lasting friends, the place that let me pursue my passion and prepared me for a wonderful career in global pediatric endocrinology.” Read more.


  • Jeffrey Craig Winer, MD, MA, MSHS

Photo of Jeffrey Craig Winer, MD, MA, MSHS

    Academic Clinical Quality Director, Division of Hospital Medicine, Wolfson Children's Hospital; Assistant Professor, University of Florida
    “MGHfC was ground zero for my love of Quality Improvement. While becoming a proficient general pediatrician, I also had opportunities for multiple projects. I was privileged to work on a team developing a standard approach to handoffs.” Read more.


  • Elisabeth Winterkorn, MD

Photo of Elisabeth Winterkorn, MD

    Medical Director and Primary Care Pediatrician, Children's Medical Office of North Andover
    “When I started at MGHfC I knew I liked to teach, I liked neurology and brain development, and I liked kids. The last part, while trite, was what brought me to pediatrics.” Read more.


  • YY Yang, MD

Photo of YY Yang, MD

    UMass Medical School
    I came into residency thinking I had no idea what I am going to do . . . Read more.


  • Helen Yeung, MD

Photo of Helen Yeung, MD

    Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellow, Children’s National Health System (Washington, DC)
    “My training at MGHfC made me “more complete” as a physician in caring for children and their eyes. Through my rotations and electives such as in pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, and pediatric anesthesia, I acquired the knowledge and skills to be competent while caring for children and their eye problems during my ophthalmology residency.” Read more.


  • Christa Borgman, MD

Photo of Christa Borgman, MD

    Pediatric Hospitalist at St. John’s Children’s Hospital; Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.
    “MGHfC was the perfect place for me to do my pediatric residency. Not only did I receive phenomenal training and build a network of fantastic colleagues, but I also made life-long friends.” Read more.


  • Corrie (Klopcic) Chumpitazi, MD

    Photo of Corrie (Klopcic) Chumpitazi, MD

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine Texas Children’s Hospital.
    "I love that MGHfC provides short white coats (I hope they still do!!), to indicate the life-long learning that you have chosen in pursuing a field in medicine." Read more.


  • Timothy Ferris

    timothy ferris

    Fellow, general pediatrics, MGH.
    "Though I no longer practice pediatrics, the training I received at MGH was important to my career in several ways." Read more.


  • Kelly Gardner

    Kelly Gardner

    Pediatric Critical Care Fellow (at MGHfC!).
    "MGHfC is the best of both worlds - access to the incredible resources of the Harvard system while training in a small, supportive environment." Read more.


  • Craig Garfield

    Craig Garfield

    I was a stay at home dad for the first year after residency, then I was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar for 2 years.
    "I loved my residency at MGH--I know that is strange thing to say! I was so honored to be there, felt welcomed and respected, and learned a ton." Read more.


  • Suzanne Goh

    Suzanne Goh

    Post-doctoral research fellowship at the Pediatric Brain Imaging Lab at Columbia University.
    "What an incredible group of people and an amazing environment to practice medicine!" Read more.


  • Anna Goldenheim, MD

        Photo of Anna Goldenheim, MD, and her daughter

    Boston University Medical School
    "I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to train at MGHfC." Read more.


  • Aisha James, MD

        Photo of Aisha James, MD

    Mount Sinai Medical School
    "I built an incredible network of mentors and friends during residency."" Read more.


  • Vimal Jhaveri, MD

        Photo of Vimal Jhaveri, MD

    University of Colorado Medical School
    "MGHfC provided me with great clinical training and exposure to inpatient, outpatient, community, and subspeciality care." Read more.


  • Bruce Kalow

    Bruce Kalow

    Pediatrician, Somerville Pediatrics.
    "MGH was a great place to start a career in primary care. It is still my "go to" hospital for referrals, I still have many contacts there." Read more.


  • Jondavid Menteer

    Jondavid Menteer

    Fellow, Cardiology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
    "My wife and I couples-matched from our medical school, Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis." Read more.


  • Rob Meyer

    Rob Meyer

    Primary Care Pediatrician, Bunker Hill Health Center, Charlestown.
    "On the day I interviewed at MGHfC (then known as the Children’s Service,)." Read more.


  • Chris Moran

    Chris Moran

    Pediatric GI Fellowship at MGHfC.
    "The most amazing thing about my training at MGHfC is that my mentors here really focus on their trainees." Read more.


  • William E. Russell

    William Russell

    Fellow in Pediatric Endocrinology at MGH with John D. Crawford.
    "There was no better option on earth for me than to train at the MGH. Incredible mentors in Pediatrics at the MGH during my years as an HMS convinced me that the MGH was my home." Read more.


  • Sakina Sojar, MD

        Photo of Sakina Sojar, MD

    SUNY Buffalo Medical School
    "My favorite thing about MGHfC is the intelligent, compassionate and personable colleagues that I worked with every day." Read more.


  • Raffi Tachdjian

    Raffi Tachdjian

    Fellowship in Adult and Pediatric Allergy/Immunology at UCLA.
    "I came to MGH thinking that if I can teach these great things, I will have learned a lot. It was quite a steep curve at first." Read more.


  • Katherine Larabee Tuttle

    Katherine Larabee Tuttle

    Allergy and Clinical Immunology Fellow, Brigham and Women's Hospital.
    "There is not "one type" of pediatrician and one of the most unique attributes of MGHfC is that it fosters career paths of multiple types of pediatricians." Read more.


  • Howard Weinstein

    Howard Weinstein

    Clinical Associate at National Cancer Institute.
    "I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Baltimore and graduated from Cornell University and the University of Maryland School of Medicine." Read more.


  • Abdullah A. Alangari

    Abdullah A. Alangari

    Fellow in Allergy and Immunology at Boston Children’s Hospital.
    "Doing residency at MGHfC was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn from world leaders in the field. It opened doors for me to advance in my career." Read more.


  • Elena Grant

    Elena Grant

    Pediatric Cardiology Fellow at Children's National Medical Center/The George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington DC.
    "I loved my time as a resident at MGHfC! ." Read more.


  • Annie Murray

    Annie Murray

    Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital.
    "The people at MGHfC are amazing! The mentorship I received from the humble yet expert clinicians at MGHfC helped me to choose to pursue a specialty in Pediatric Infectious Diseases." Read more.


  • Julie Wolfson

    Julie Wolfson

    Coordinator, Pediatrics and Emergency Department, Cambridge Health Alliance followed by Fellowship, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Children's Hospital Los Angeles .
    Read more.


  • Tommy Heyne

    Tommy Heyne

    MGH Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship.
    "I'm grateful to have graduated from a well-respected Harvard med/peds program." Read more.


  • Liz Weiner,MD, MFA

    Liz Weiner

    Global Health Fellow, Texas Children's Global Health Service Corps, Gondar, Ethiopia.
    "I am working as a general pediatrician at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. It's a great job where we do a mix of outpatient, inpatient and newborn nursery." Read more.


  • Anna Pinto

    Anna Pinto
    "I was very fortunate to have a 1 year internship at MGH for Children and I still have plenty of good memories that I have shared in MGH." Read more.











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