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Amanda Winkler, MD

Hometown: Sterling, MA

College: UMass Amherst

Medical School: UMass Medical School

Currently Living In: Porter Square, Cambridge

MGHfC and Me: I still remember how amazing it felt the night I met the MGHfC residents at social hour.  I returned home to my family and could not stop talking about how I knew these were my people – everyone was so incredibly intelligent and inspiring and yet, at the same time, could have me laughing until I cried.  MGHfC is the place where you can’t wait to go to work each day; the place where you see incredible cases, work with innovative mentors, and feel so wholeheartedly fortunate to work along your co-residents.  It’s a culture that prioritizes being yourself and finding your joy while you grow into an amazing physician. 

We come from a huge variety of backgrounds; New England lifers to international globetrotters; different religions, orientations, life stages – we all join together to form a diverse and supportive community that grows, thrives, and survives together. 

MGHfC also has incredible work-life balance.  I live with my husband in Cambridge along with our cat, Jamie (fret not dog lovers, I’m an equal-opportunity pet enthusiast! Be sure to ask about the “Yappy Hours”).  I really enjoy that I’m able to be home for dinner most nights and to spend quality time with my husband while also seeing my in-laws who live close-by and my parents who live in Central Mass.  We absolutely love boards games (“Board Games and Beverages” nights with friends; especially my fellow co-residents!), movies, and exploring the many (many, many) restaurant options in the area.  If you have any questions about the program or life in general, please feel free to reach out!

Fun Fact: I love the zombie apocalypse.

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