Image of Anna Handorf, MD
Anna Handorf, MD

Hometown: Hingham, MA

College: Case Western Reserve University

Medical School: UMASS Medical School

Currently Living In: Porter Square

MGHfC and Me: I was beyond excited and relieved when I opened my match day envelope and saw that I matched at MGHfC! Ever since I did an away rotation in the PICU as a fourth year medical student, I knew MGHfC was the perfect fit for me. My co-residents are all brilliant, compassionate doctors, who are also amazingly down-to-earth and supportive friends that help make every day at work fun :) While at work, we see a good mix of bread-and-butter pediatrics and complex patients. Even early in intern year, I felt the perfect combination of autonomy and support, which has continued to grow as my training progresses. 

The size of the residency is perfect in that it is small enough to feel like a family, but large enough that you are able to work with different residents and learn from their different perspectives. The leadership and faculty are all invested in our future careers and education, but also in who we are as people. The MGHfC Residency program also allows for work-life balance. I live in Porter Square with my partner and cat, Sylvester. I love hiking in the White Mountains (which I was able to do several times intern year!), practicing yoga, playing board games, traveling and exploring different outdoor activities and restaurants in the greater Boston area. I could not have asked for a better residency match!

Fun Fact: I set a goal to visit 30 countries by the time I turn 30 - in my post-Match celebratory trip, I checked off countries 27 through 30: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos!


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