• Sarah Aker, MD

Photo of Sarah Aker, MD, and her husband in Ireland

    UMass Medical School
    It is hard to believe I am in my last year at MGHfC. It has been the best experience so far . . . Read more.


  • Arianne “Cuff” Baker, MD

Photo of Arianne “Cuff” Baker, MD

    UMass Medical School
    My colleagues here are brilliant and kind and so interesting . . . Read more.


  • Yih-Chieh Chen, MD

Photo of Yih-Chieh Chen, MD

    University of Michigan Medical School
    I loved my time in Michigan for medical school, but felt it was important to complete residency training somewhere different to keep me on my toes! And it was also the perfect time to move to Boston, my favorite US city. . .Read more.


  • Michelle Chiu, MD

Photo of Michelle Chiu, MD

    Harvard University
    In my time here, I’ve been so impressed with the emphasis on resident and medical student education, and I’ve already seen a variety of bread and butter as well as specialty patients . . . Read more.


  • Jaclyn Davis, MD

Photo of Jaclyn Davis, MD

    UMass Medical School
    MGHfC is the perfect place to train. I wanted a program big enough to yield good patient volume but intimate enough so that I wouldn't feel lost. . . . Read more.


  • Nicole de Paz, MD

Photo of Nicole de Paz, MD

    Harvard Medical School
    I didn’t know much about MGHfC until I did a sub-internship here during 4th year, and I absolutely loved it . . . Read more.


  • Rachel Deming, MD

Photo of Rachel Deming, MD

    University of California, San Francisco
    The pediatric residency program here provides what I found to be a uniquely supportive environment in a large robust academic institution. . . . Read more.


  • Rachel Erdil, MD

Photo of Rachel Erdil, MD

    UMass Medical School
    My favorite part about MGHfC is the incredibly intelligent, inspiring, kind, and fun group of people that make this place tick! Read more.


  • Stephanie Friend, MD

Photo of Stephanie Friend, MD

    Columbia P&S
    As a second year, I've seen how committed the faculty are to helping us be excellent physicians and how supportive and fun our residents are! Read more.


  • Cristy Garza-Mayers, MD

Photo of Cristy Garza-Mayers, MD

    New York University
    As a preliminary intern, I became interested in MGHfC because I wanted a comprehensive experience in pediatrics to complement my future training in dermatology. . .Read more.


  • Anna Goldenheim, MD

Photo of Anna Goldenheim, MD, and her daughter

    Boston University Medical School
    MGHfC was my first choice residency and after being here for almost three years, I am confident that I made the right decision. Read more.


  • Lauren Goverman, MD

Photo of Lauren Goverman, MD

    Albany Medical College
    My co-interns are smart, fun and kind people which makes work much more enjoyable. Starting residency can be very overwhelming and the junior and senior residents, my co-interns, and the program directors and administrators have been so supportive . . . Read more.


  • Rachelle Stopczynski Gupta, MD, PhD

Photo of Rachelle Stopczynski Gupta, MD, PhD, and her husband

    University of Pittsburgh Medical School
    As a new resident at MGHfC, I look forward to exploring several subspecialties including palliative care and neonatology, participating in clinical research, and working with the DRIVE committee . . . Read more.


  • Courtney Haviland, MD

Photo of Courtney Haviland, MD

    Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
    I think something that makes MGHfC different is how personalized our education is . . . Read more.


  • Aisha James, MD

Photo of Aisha James, MD

    Mount Sinai Medical School
    I am involved in a bunch of advocacy and medical education activities at Mass General! Read more.


  • Vimal Jhaveri, MD

Photo of Vimal Jhaveri, MD

    University of Colorado Medical School
    Hello! I am a 2nd year med-peds resident. I am interested in Primary Care and general medicine, sometimes I think about fellowship in things like ID . . . Read more.


  • Julia Kendall, MD

Photo of Julia Kendall, MD

    Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
    I’ve only been at MGH a few weeks, but I absolutely love it here! Everyone is welcoming, supportive, and incredibly smart . . . Read more.


  • Madeleine Keyes, MD

Photo of Madeleine Keyes, MD

    Dartmouth Medical School
    I absolutely love this place! I learned quickly on my interview day that MGHfC would become my first choice for residency, and I have never once second guessed that decision, even now in my senior year . . Read more.


  • Caitlin King, MD

Photo of Caitlin King, MD, and her daughter

    Tufts MD/MBA program
    So far during intern year, I have been involved in the DRIVE Committee and the Graduate Medical Education Committee for Mass General. Read more.


  • Asha Leichtman, MD

Photo of Asha Leichtman, MD

    Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
    I'm so excited to be doing my residency at MGHfC! Read more.


  • Jenna Lillemoe, MD

Photo of Jenna Lillemoe, MD

    New York University
    I am a categorical pediatrics first year resident and have loved my time in Boston and at MGHfC thus far. I've been so impressed with MGHfC's emphasis on resident education and I feel both challenged and valued daily . . . Read more.


  • Alexandra Lucas, MD

Photo of Alexandra Lucas, MD

    Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
    In just the first few months of residency, I’ve been incredibly impressed by how supportive and caring everyone at MGHfC is, from my co-interns and residents to the program leadership and administration. . . Read more.


  • Madeleine Matthiesen, MD

Photo of Madeleine Matthiesen, MD

    University of Chicago
    I love MGHfC for the amazing people I get to work with and learn from every day! Read more.


  • John McLaren, MD

Photo of John McLaren, MD

    University of Vermont
    I chose to come back to Boston because MGHfC offered an incredibly comprehensive learning experience that emphasized teaching (adult learning) over working simply for the sake of working. . . Read more.


  • Kamaris Merritt, MD

Photo of Kamaris Merritt, MD

    These first few months of intern year have been such an amazing experience, which is made possible by the overwhelming sense of community and camaraderie at MGHfC. I’m excited to go to work every day to train with such knowledgeable and approachable attendings . . . Read more.


  • Taylor Nickerson, MD

Photo of Taylor Nickerson, MD

    Florida Atlantic University – Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
    I have absolutely loved my time so far at MGH. There is a palpable sense of community among the residents and faculty . . . Read more.


  • Jonathan Paolino, MD

Photo of Jonathan Paolino, MD, and family

    UMass Medical School
    As someone with a strong interest in global health and considering a fellowship in pediatric critical care, I have really appreciated the broad exposure to pediatric care and resident centric nature of the MGHfC program. Read more.


  • Liz Perzanowski, MD

Photo of Liz Perzanowski, MD

    Alpert Medical School of Brown University
    I was overjoyed to open my envelope on Match Day and find myself heading to Boston and MGHfC for residency! Read more.


  • Katherine Schiavoni, MD

Photo of Katherine Schiavoni, MD

    Harvard Medical School
    I am interested in practicing primary care in underserved communities and addressing population health issues through policy change. Read more.


  • Sakina Sojar, MD

Photo of Sakina Sojar, MD

    SUNY Buffalo Medical School
    One of my personal interests is in exercise related to medical illness, whether it be diabetes or osteopenia, and everything in between. Read more.


  • Margaret Threadgill, MD

Photo of Margaret Threadgill, MD

    University of California, Los Angeles
    I love MGHfC because of the culture emphasizing team-based learning and supporting one another! Read more.


  • Hoi See Tsao, MD

Photo of Hoi See Tsao, MD

    Harvard Medical School
    Prior to medical school, I was a 7th grade teacher in inner-city Los Angeles. My experiences allowed me to explore my interests in working with underserved communities and in medical education and I have been excited to continue exploring these interests as a physician. Read more.


  • Christopher Valle, MD

Photo of Christopher Valle, MD

    Northwestern University Feinberg SOM
    In my first few months at MGHfC, I have been blown away by the quality of clinician educators I have the chance to work with on a daily basis . . . Read more.


  • Vinayak Venkataraman, MD

Photo of Vinayak Venkataraman, MD

    Duke university School of Medicine
    I've been tremendously impressed by the quality and breadth of training (from bread-and-butter to one-in-a-million...in the same hallway), wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise . . . Read more.


  • Samuel Wainwright, MD

Photo of Samuel Wainwright, MD

    University of Illinois- Chicago
    I'm one of the Med-Peds interns, and one of the big reasons I wanted to come to MGHfC for residency was its focus on advocacy . . . Read more.


  • Alexandra Wallace, MD

Photo of Alexandra Wallace, MD

    Tufts University
    It feels like yesterday I was at the Hill Tavern on my interview day, getting to my know my inspiring, hilarious, and brilliant co-residents for the first time . . . Read more.


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