Image of Ezra Cohen, MD
Ezra Cohen, MD

Name: Ezra Cohen, MD

Graduation Year: 2014

First Position Out of Residency/Current Position: Fellow in Rheumatology at Boston Children’s Hospital

MGHfC and My Career: Coming to MGHfC for residency was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is unique among residency programs, offering amazing training in general pediatrics and specialties while preserving autonomy for residents. This is something often lost in large children’s hospitals, where decisions are passed down from on high. At MGH, I gained the confidence to take care of children with problems both common and rare, in and out of the hospital. MGH loves its residents and allows them abundant flexibility. I developed an interest in veterinary medicine (because we have much to learn from each other) and was able to set up a rotation at a veterinary referral hospital. Since then, I have been consulting on rheumatologic problems for the Franklin Park Zoo! I am currently doing a fellowship in rheumatology, with a plan to practice a mix of rheumatology and general pediatrics. I am grateful to MGH for shaping my world view and inspiring a passion for pediatrics—I will always think of it as home.

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