Image of Lauren Goverman, MD
Lauren Goverman, MD

Hometown: Sharon, MA

College: Boston College

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Currently Living In: Beacon Hill, MA

MGHfC and Me: I am two months into my residency at MGHfC and have had a great experience so far! My co-interns are smart, fun and kind people which makes work much more enjoyable. Starting residency can be very overwhelming and the junior and senior residents, my co-interns, and the program directors and administrators have been so supportive. It is clear this program puts a big emphasis on resident wellness, which is very important to me. I am not 100 percent sure what area of pediatrics I want to focus in yet but I am thinking either primary care, Emergency Medicine, or NICU. I haven’t chosen how I want to get involved outside of clinical work yet, but there are so many options and opportunities! I look forward to how much I will learn this year and the experiences I will have in and out of the hospital. Outside of residency, I enjoy spending time with my family in Sharon, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog Moose, watching the patriots, working out, and binging on Netflix shows.

Fun Fact: I discovered that there are two other Govermans working at MGH and we are all related!

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