Image of Samuel Wainwright, MD
Samuel Wainwright, MD

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

College: University of Michigan

Medical School: University of Illinois- Chicago

Currently Living In: East Boston (Maverick stop. Do it! Front yard is the ocean!)

MGHfC and Me: I'm one of the Med-Peds residents, and one of the big reasons I love MGHfC is its focus on advocacy. This place truly puts the biopsychosocial well-being of our patients front and center, and believes in training doctors (starting as RESIDENTS!) to be crucial voice supporting child health in all public policies. Be it gun control, substance use, juvenile justice, there is always a group thinking about the issue, and eager mentorship. Having the state house down the street is an amazing opportunity (ask us about RFDASH!). I'm grateful to be able to take part in a vibrant community of passionate, inspiring, and KIND residents and faculty. Just a great place to be!

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