Image of Vinayak Venkataraman, MD
Vinayak Venkataraman, MD

Hometown: Rochester, NY

College: Princeton University

Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine

Currently Living In: Central Square in Cambridge

MGHfC and Me: I'm a med-peds resident who has been at MGHfC for a few short years. I've been tremendously impressed by the quality and breadth of training (from bread-and-butter to the same hallway), wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise (working alongside high-quality, perceptive generalists and high-skilled, focused the same morning rounds), degree of resident autonomy and faculty engagement (very common to work and communicate directly with attendings) and the camaraderie and respect between interdisciplinary care teams. More importantly, I have truly found MGHfC to be a wholesome "family" with complete investment and enthusiasm in care of our patients and in each member of the family. MGHfC is truly a hospital run by residents with tremendous support, dedication, mentorship, and protected time invested in our growth, development, and personal well-being. People support each other in innumerable, special ways that are hard to describe until one witnesses in the flesh. MGHfC is a special place to train, and I am excited for others to learn more about our program!

Fun Fact: My roommate and I got really into home-brewing in medical school; we “opened” Crazed Vanguards Femtobrewery and brewed 7 different styles of beer. First one was called “Cruel Mistress” Imperial Stout because our wort boiled over, and making a sticky mess, and our batch was also soured by infection. Our second one, though, “Constant Vigilence” Imperial IPA, came out much better with improved sterile procedure. Most unique was “Orange Yeah, Life Gose On” Orange Gose. Most sentimental was “Fade to Black” Chicory Stout, our last one brewed just before graduating.

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