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42nd Annual Primary Care Pediatrics Conference2020-12-02

This course is designed for clinicians and health professional who provide service to infants, children, and adolescents. Subject matter will be presented to the entire group in didactic lectures, panel discussions, and brief management problems; followed by question and answer periods. The conference will include presentations related to COVID-19, and how it has changed the way we provide care.

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Time to Turn the Obstacles into Opportunities for Management of Pediatric Obesity2020-11-09

Managing obesity in children, teens, and adults comes with many challenges for not only the children and youth, but also for families and caregivers. Vibha Singhal, MBBS, director of the Pediatric Program in the MGH Weight Center and provider in the Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Center at MGHfC, shares insights and opportunities in the treatment of pediatric obesity.

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What Are They Vaping? What You Should Know and What You Can Do2020-11-05

In recent years, vaping has become the new form of smoking. In this upcoming talk, learn the basics on the dangers of vaping, the intersection between vaping and marijuana, and the most current updates on COVID-19 and vaping. This talk is presented by Jonina Gorenstein, JD, Catherine Saes Moreira, and Susan Giarratani of the Living Tobacco-Free Program at MGH/MGHfC’s Center for Community Health Improvement.

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Setting the Stage for Healthy Eating Habits2020-10-23

Feeding children can be complicated, and even more so in a world that targets children with food marketing and convenience food. While the way a child eats is not solely in the hands of parents, there are strategies that can help your child build a healthy relationship with food.

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Diabetes Virtual Educational Series2020-04-07

Join us for our first educational series on Tuesday, April 7. Presented by Ellen O’Donnell, PhD, Psychologist at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Instructor at Harvard Medical School, Living with T1D since age 21. RSVP by Friday, April 3.

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