Friday, December 14, 2012

Reaction from the winner of the Pilot Feasibility Award, 2011

Jamie Micco, PhD

Jamie Micco, PhD, Department of Psychiatry

"I received the Research Pilot and Feasibility Award from the MGHfC Research Council in July 2011. This award provided funding that was critical in supporting a small study of the development of cognitive biases in young children (ages 4-7) of parents with a history of anxiety disorders. Specifically, we examined whether children at risk for anxiety disorders are more likely to attend to potential threat and to interpret ambiguous situations as more threatening than children of parents with no history of anxiety or mood disorders. Funding from the MGHfC Research Council has allowed me to collect pilot data that will likely increase the competitiveness of larger grant applications on this topic. The award has thus helped place me on a career trajectory towards becoming an independent clinical researcher in the field of pediatric anxiety and mood disorders."

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