Thursday, April 3, 2014

Featured Runners: Boston Marathon 2014

Mass General Marathon Team Fighting Kids' Cancer . . . One Step at a Time

Brian Beale, running for Amanuel, age 5, leukemia

“Though I have been a runner for many years and have run three other marathons, this will be my first Boston Marathon. The tragic events of the 2013 race encouraged me to join the Mass General Marathon Team and give purpose to my running.”

Beth Callahan, running for Joey, age 22 months, neuroblastoma

“My son Joey inspires me. I think about him at some point on every run, and in those moments the challenge of training for and running a marathon seems so insignificant. The courage and resilience that these children have, who are battling in the biggest fight of their life, inspires me and keeps me going.”

Pete Guiney, running for Kevin, age 20, brain tumor

“I was intrigued by the idea of getting teamed up with a patient in the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Program at MGHfC. Also, my mom was treated at the Mass General Cancer Center during her bout with cancer in 2003-2004.”

Caitlin Hemeon, RN, running for Philip, age 7, leukemia

“I wanted to run the marathon as a way to give back to my patients and their families. As a pediatric nurse at MGHfC, I witness firsthand the impact of childhood cancer. By running the marathon I am able to raise awareness, raise research funds and hopefully be one step closer to finding a cure.”

Jenny Jacobsen, running for Henry, age 7, lymphoma

“I asked my kids recently if they knew why I was running the marathon. Henry chimed in, 'You are running because you love me.'”

Joe Moran, running for Ani, age 10, brain tumor

“When I was first introduced to the Patient Partner Program on the Mass General Marathon Team, I could not wait to get home to my laptop and apply. I was very inspired as I got a look into what these children are up against and go through every day. When times are tough, people need support and a person to rely on, and I feel this program offers that.”

Danielle Newell, RN, running for Douglas, age 5, brain tumor

“What I am looking forward to most on Marathon Monday is seeing my patient partner Douglas, his family and my family at mile 20. Teaming up with Douglas has added a very special dynamic to my marathon experience. It is because of him that I can keep putting one foot in front of the other and not give up during really tough runs.”

Aura Obando, MD, running for Lizany, age 5, leukemia

“I was in the Mass General Emergency Room last year during the bombings, and I made a vow to run the Boston Marathon that day. I’ve also been caring for the pediatric oncology patients for four years and have become invested in their stories. I met Lizany and her brother as an intern when they were both very sick, and to be able to see them now, thriving and healthy, has been incredibly rewarding.”

Shannon Sawyer, running for Amanuel, age 5, leukemia

“I can’t wait to see my patient partner Amany and his brother Sammy at mile 20 of the marathon route. I had to take six weeks off of running during peak training due to an injury, so I am a little bit anxious about tackling the full 26.2 miles this time around. Knowing that Amany is waiting for me at mile 20 to cheer me along will get me through the majority of the race, and I am sure that his support will encourage me to make it to the finish line!”

David Sweetser, MD, PhD, running for Delia, age 6, Ewing’s Sarcoma

“I take great pride in being a pediatric oncologist on the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology team here at MGHfC. This team is an amazing group of compassionate individuals dedicated to wiping out childhood cancer and providing unparalleled support to the kids with cancer and their families. I can’t stand on the sidelines and cheer. I am compelled to jump in and contribute in every way I can to making sure we have the best program in the country.”

Howard Weinstein, MD, running for Lorenzo, age 19, leukemia

“I am the Chief of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at MGHfC and founder of our Mass General Marathon team, so I know firsthand how important it is to raise money for our childhood cancer program. Each year I run in honor of one of my patients, and this is more than enough of an inspiration to get me from Hopkinton to Boston.”

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