Saturday, February 21, 2015

At Seat at the Table raises funds for autism

The inaugural A Seat at the Table event raised $1.45 million in support of the Lurie Center’s programs and services for adults. The Lurie Center for Autism was established in 2009 with a very generous philanthropic gift from Nancy Lurie Marks and the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation. The gift has been instrumental in the establishment of the Lurie Center as one of the foremost clinical, research and training facilities dedicated to autism and related disorders.

With this support, the Center has made some great strides, and now sees nearly 3,000 individuals with autism – more than almost any other program in the world. The Center doesn’t just do one-time consultations for patients. They care for them over their entire lifetime.

While they believe the multidisciplinary, team-based model of care is the right approach for patients and families, reimbursements do not begin to cover the cost for this care, and the partnership of families and friends is essential to the Center’s continuing growth and long-term viability. Funds raised through the A Seat at the Table event will allow the Lurie Center to:

  • Provide comprehensive clinical care for the 500 adult patients who are currently seen at the Lurie Center.
  • Offer resource and support services for adult patients and families.
  • Recruit new specialists to care for the rapidly growing, and aging, population of adults with autism.
  • Open a new clinic on Mass General’s main campus to care for adults patients with complex behavioral profiles.
  • Continue the Autism Care Collaborative Project at MassGeneral to ensure that when a patient with autism arrives in the emergency room, is scheduled for an outpatient procedure, or is being treated for a chronic medical condition, there is someone available who understands autism.
  • Work alongside brilliant and innovative scientists and our families to find answers and to develop better treatments.
  • Advocate for services and supports that will allow individuals with autism to integrate more fully into society.

“At the Lurie Center we found brilliant, really, really good, kind people who worked together and made a remarkable change in an incredibly fragile life. To me, where my son is today is an absolute triumph. Your life work makes a profound difference to us and all the families who you touch.”

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