Saturday, February 21, 2015

Help us discover new ways to treat the symptoms of autism

Currently, there are no approved medicines designed to treat autism’s core symptoms of impaired communication and social skills. The Vasopressin Antagonist to Improve Social Communication in Autism (VANILLA) study will evaluate the effects of an investigational drug, RO5285119, as a treatment for improving social communication in adult males ages 18-45 years with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The medication works through vasopressin, a naturally occurring hormone in the body. Previous studies in non-human mammals have shown that vasopressin is associated with social behaviors like parental care, pair-bonding and social memory.

This study will include five subjects at the Lurie Center out of a total of 130 subjects at various locations. The total time for participating in this study for subjects and their caregivers is approximately 18-24 weeks. Stay tuned for updates about the progress of this exciting new research study.

To learn more about the study’s requirements and procedures, contact Dr. Ann Neumeyer’s study staff at 781-860-1711 or e-mail

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