Chiefs' Notes

Current Issue: Summer 2013

Maternal Fetal Medicine: Lifetime Family Care Begins at Diagnosis for Congenital Anomalies Read issue (pdf)

Archived Issues

Summer 2012 (pdf)
Full-Spectrum Orthopaedics Includes Sports Medicine

Spring 2011 (pdf)
Streamlined Access for Inpatient and Outpatient Referrals

Spring 2010(pdf)
MassGeneral for Children Expands Outpatient Specialty Services on the North Shore 

Summer 2009 (pdf)
New MGHfC Satellite Facility Opens in Nashua, New Hampshire

Spring 2008 (pdf)
Ronald Kleinman, MD, New Physician-in-Chief, MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Fall 2007 (pdf)
Introducing the MassGeneral Hospital for Children Access and New Appointment Center


Archived Issues

Fall 2013 (pdf)
Advancements in Pulmonary Care: Comprehensive Cystic Fibrosis Care Provides Lifetime of Personalized Care 

Winter 2013 (pdf)
New Directions in Celiac Disease and Other Autoimmune Disorders

Fall 2012 (pdf)
Advanced Neurological Expertise for Complex Cases

Winter 2011 (pdf)
Comprehensive Food Allergy Program Integrates Research, Education

Fall 2011 (pdf)
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Fall 2009 (pdf)
A Team Approach Benefits Children with Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

Spring 2009 (pdf)
The Pediatric Neuromuscular Service: Coordinated, multidisciplinary care for children with neuromuscular disorders

Special Issue 2008 (pdf)
Major Breakthrough in Tolerance Induction for Organ Transplantation

Winter 2007(pdf)
Early Intervention and Lifelong Monitoring Dramatically Improve Prognosis for Children with TSC

Spring/Summer 2007 (pdf)
Child with infant botulism benefits from BIG treatment at MGHfC

Fall 2006 (pdf)
MassGeneral Hospital for Children researcher at the helm of two significant diabetes studies

Spring 2006 (pdf)
Pediatric specialists continue to break new ground with ECMO technology

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