Over the years, our researchers have made significant advancements in genetics and genomics, imaging technologies, less invasive surgical techniques and an abundance of treatment options that are changing the way pediatric care is delivered.

Research Labs

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  • Ai Lab

    The Ai lab’s goal is to better understand how damaging exposure in infancy and early childhood negatively impacts long-term airway function. We focus on the nervous system and communication between nerves and airway smooth muscles, the pulmonary neuroendocrine system, and immune cells. We believe that this communication can be harnessed to tackle airway diseases in children and to prevent disease progression into adulthood.

  • Allan Goldstein Lab

    Allan Goldstein, MD

    My laboratory is interested in the development of the enteric nervous system (ENS), a complex neuronal network whose principal function is to maintain normal intestinal motility.

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  • Faherty Lab: Christina Faherty, PhD

    Christina Faherty, PhD

    The main focus of my laboratory centers on the bacterial pathogen Shigella flexneri, which causes millions of infections in children each year.

  • First 1,000 Days Program

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    The First 1,000 Days aims to improve the health of families from pregnancy through age 2 by engaging providers from both clinical and community health services. It is being piloted at the MGH Chelsea and Revere HealthCare Centers and DotHouse Health.

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  • General Academic Pediatrics

    The Division of General Academic Pediatrics is an internationally-known academic research division dedicated to improving the health of children and adolescents.

  • Global Health

    The primary mission of the Division of Global Health at MassGeneral Hospital for Children is to build and foster international partnerships for interdisciplinary research, education and service to reduce health disparities and achieve optimal health for children and adolescents in all parts of our global community.

  • Gobel Lab--Verena Gobel, MD

    Verena Gobel, MD

    The Gobel Laboratory studies polarity, epithelial morphogenesis and growth regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans.

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  • Harris & LaRocque Laboratory

    Harris & LaRocque Laboratory

    The Jason Harris, MD, MPH and Regina LaRocque, MD, MPH Laboratory is focused on host-pathogen interactions and the innate and adaptive immune response to Vibrio cholerae, cholera vaccines, and in the area of susceptibility to cholera.

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  • Intestinal Innate Immunity Group

    Photo of Bobby J. Cherayil, MD

    Experiments carried out by our group are directed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate intestinal innate immune responses to pathogenic and commensal bacteria.

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  • Jain Lab--Nitya Jain, PhD

    Nitya Jain, PhD

    The Jain Lab is working to understand how the immune system develops and operates in newborns in order to develop new approaches to improving infant health.

  • James M. Perrin, MD

    James M. Perrin, MD

    The Perrin group studies chronic health conditions in children and adolescents, with particular focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Recent work has examined care improvement for children with ASD and racial and ethnic disparities in autism diagnosis and care. The team also provides evidence to support decision-making regarding newborn genetic screening and has examined recent policy and changes regarding public programs supporting children with disabilities (the Supplemental Security Income [SSI] program).

  • Jesse Roberts Jr. Laboratory

    Jesse David Roberts, Jr., MD

    The Roberts Laboratory is devoted to investigating novel mechanisms and developing new therapies for important pediatric lung diseases.

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  • Mou Laboratory: Hongmei Mou, PhD

    The Mou Laboratory in the Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital applies stem cell technologies to investigate personalized medicine approaches for lung and airway diseases including cystic fibrosis, asthma, bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

  • Mucosal Inflammation Group

    Bryan Hurley

    Our focus is to better understand inflammatory processes impacting mucosal surfaces, particularly in the lung and digestive tract.

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  • Pediatric Airway, Swallowing and Voice Center

    The Pediatric Airway, Swallowing and Voice Center, a collaboration of MassGeneral Hospital for Children and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, specializes in conducting research to treat children with voice disorders and airway management symptoms that affect the ability to eat, breathe or speak.

  • Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Research

    Research within the Pediatric Endocrine-Neuroendocrine-Sports Endocrine Lab aims to further medical knowledge about endocrine, bone, neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric outcomes in athletes, girls with low-weight eating disorders, teenagers and young adults undergoing bariatric surgery, and children with autism spectrum disorders. In particular, we focus on studies whose results allow us to adapt and improve medical care for female athletes and young girls and women with eating disorders.

  • Pediatric Endocrinology Research Lab

    The goal of our laboratory research is to find ways to generate regulated insulin secretion in cells or tissues for pancreatic b-cell replacement therapy in diabetes.

  • Pediatric Radiation Oncology Clinical Research

    The mission of the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Research program is to continuously improve cancer treatment and outcomes in our pediatric patients through innovative and collaborative research that we translate into clinical care.

  • Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories

    The Pediatric Surgical Research Laboratories focus on areas of Developmental Biology which hold promise for clinical application for birth defects and cancer prevention and treatment.

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  • Shi Lab: Hai Ning Shi, DVM, PhD

    Hai Ning Shi, DVM, PhD

    The Shi Lab is researching the effects of infections and immune disorders on the intestine and the role of gestational factors in the development of child allergies.

  • Siam Oottamasathien Laboratory

    The Oottamasathien Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital is focused on understanding the inflammatory cascade for better care and treatment of those suffering from IC/PBS.

  • Sports Concussion Clinic Research

    We conduct leading scientific research to better understand concussions in young people and to develop better approaches to assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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  • Teratology Program

    The Teratology Program focuses on the study of the causes of congenital malformations.

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  • Walker Lab--W. Allan Walker, MD

    W. Allan Walker, MD

    The research efforts of the Walker Lab include defining the passive and active protective properties of human breast milk with regard to the protection from disease during the newborn period.

  • Warren Laboratory

    H. Shaw Warren, MD

    The Warren Laboratory researches the pathogenesis and treatment of serious bacterial infections, sepsis, and induced secondary inflammation from any cause.

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  • Zomorrodi Lab: Ali R. Zomorrodi, PhD

    Ali R. Zomorrodi, PhD

    The current focus of the Zomorrodi Lab is to construct computational mechanistic models of the microbiome and metabolism to better understand the pathogenesis of human diseases and to streamline the design of personalized treatments.

Research Centers

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