CEASE: Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Parental tobacco use is a serious health issue for all family members. Child healthcare clinicians are in a unique and important position to address parental smoking because of the regular, multiple contacts with parents and the harmful health consequences to their patients. The CEASE Module was developed to help child healthcare clinicians tailor their office setting to address parental tobacco use in a routine and effective manner. Implementation strategies employed by the CEASE Module demonstrate how to link parents who want to quit smoking with state or national smoking cessation services through the use of a flexible set of materials. The CEASE Module guides child healthcare clinicians in each evidence-based step of addressing parental tobacco use.

CEASE was developed after extensive research in the adult and child healthcare settings, based on the current best practices for the adult setting. The CEASE Module is currently being scientifically evaluated by a team of tobacco control experts, pediatricians, public health professionals, and dissemination specialists.

For more information, please visit the CEASE website at www.ceasetobacco.org.

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