Gluten Free Living helps spread the word about CDGEMM
Joan Edgett, from Gluten Free Living Magazine, helps promote the CDGEMM study.

Dr. Leonard talks CDGEMM with Celiac Chicks
Blogger Kelly Courson sits down with Dr. Leonard via video chat to discuss the CDGEMM Study

CDGEMM Holds High Hopes for Celiac Prevention: Featured in Allergic Living
Lisa Fitterman from Allergic Living introduces the CDGEMM Study and how our unique microbiomic and metabolomic methods may be the key to preventing celiac disease.

Gluten Free NYC Blogger Talks CDGEMM
Blogger Jessica from Gluten Free NYC shares information about CDGEMM with her loyal readers.

The Team at My Kid’s Food Allergies Blogs About CDGEMM
The team at My Kid’s Food Allergies blogs about CDGEMM to share the study goals and put the word out to potential participants.

The Celtic Celiac Discusses CDGEMM and its Importance to Celiac Research
Georgianna blogs as the Celtic Celiac and discusses the importance of research like CDGEMM to further our understandings of celiac disease.

Gluten-free Blogger-mom Lindsay Shares the Importance of CDGEMM
Gluten-free mom Lindsay shares news of CDGEMM on her blog and discusses why the study’s findings may offer promising future insights into the health of her two girls.

Jess Madden, MD, Spreads the Word about CDGEMM
Jess Madden, MD, blogs as “the Patient Celiac” to help spread the word about CDGEMM.

Gluten Free School Podcast
Jennifer Fugo interviews Dr. Fasano about Gluten Freedom and predicting celiac disease via CDGEMM.

Gluten-Free Radio with Jules Shephard
Hear Dr. Fasano discuss the controversy surrounding gluten sensitivity and how we might be able to someday predict celiac disease through CDGEMM.

Dr. Fasano Featured in Gut Microbiota
Writers at Gut Microbiota Research and Practice summarize Dr. Fasano’s presentation from the academic conference Digestive Disease Week (DDW), including his announcement of CDGEMM and preliminary findings from studies upon which the CDGEMM Study is based.

Dr. Fasano talks CDGEMM with Allergic Living
Allergic Living Magazine interviews Dr. Fasano on gluten related issues and talks about CDGEMM.

Talking CDGEMM with the CDF
The Celiac Disease Foundation discusses Dr. Fasano’s research, including the potential for CDGEMM to be the “Holy Grail” of treatment for celiac disease.

Tender Foodie helps spread the word about CDGEMM
Elisabeth Veltman from the Tender Foodie blog outlines the importance of CDGEMM in establishing how environmental factors contribute to autoimmune disease.

Beyond Celiac (formerly the NFCA) Announces CDGEMM Launch
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness spreads the news about the launch of CDGEMM

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