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Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic

As increasing numbers of children survive childhood cancers, we continue to learn more about the late medical and psychosocial effects of these diseases and their treatment. Depending upon their disease and treatment, childhood cancer survivors may face increased risk for a range of late effects including second cancers, osteoporosis, cardiac problems, thyroid or other endocrine problems that affect growth and development, or late neurocognitive effects. We provide multidisciplinary care, education, counseling and screening for late effects of childhood cancer treatment.

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In keeping with our commitment to provide lifelong care to childhood cancer survivors treated at MassGeneral Hospital for Children and elsewhere, the Center for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology offers a multidisciplinary Long Term Follow-Up Clinic.  Patients who were treated for cancer at MassGeneral Hospital for Children continue to be managed by their primary oncologist, who is familiar with them and their health history.  Patients treated for cancer at other centers are evaluated based upon their treatment history.  A visit typically includes a primary oncologist and nurse practitioner. Radiation oncologists and/or surgical subspecialists are also available if relevant to the patient’s treatment history. A social worker and child psychiatrist are involved for assessment, referrals and follow-ups as needed. 

Our institution is a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, and our care of long-term survivors is based upon guidelines that have been established by this cooperative group. MassGeneral Hospital for Children is also a member of CONNECCS (Consortium for New England Childhood Cancer Survivors), a consortium of providers whose shared goal is to work in collaboration to improve the care of childhood cancer survivors in the New England region by sharing expertise, improving clinical care and participating in regional research initiatives.

Our goal is to educate patients about the specifics of their active treatments and potential late effects.  This includes anticipatory guidance, counseling about recommended screening and, when appropriate, interventions.  Adult and pediatric subspecialists with an interest in late effects of childhood cancer treatment, including cardio-oncology, endocrinology (general, neuro and reproductive) and pulmonology, are available for consultation at Mass General.  Our patients also have access to the Mass General Psychology Assessment Center to evaluate for neurocognitive effects of treatment.  Associated school liaison and vocational counseling services are also available.  The Mass General Center for Cancer Risk Assessment also serves as a resource for patient and families affected by Childhood Cancer.   

While patients can be seen on an urgent basis for acute problems, the clinic’s goal is to provide high quality preventive care.  Therefore survivors are encouraged to schedule an annual visit and are pre-screened so that their appropriate specialty appointments can be arranged in advance, often on the same day.

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Contact the Clinic at: 617-726-2737

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