Where Can I Learn More About Turner Syndrome (TS)?

  • Your child’s care team at MGHfC
  • The Turner Syndrome Society of the United States
    This is an organization composed of people with Turner syndrome and their families as well as medical professionals. There are many local chapters and an annual meeting for both Turner syndrome women and their families and professionals. This organization has been instrumental in developing and updating international guidelines for management.
  • Turner Syndrome Foundation
    This organization is composed of people with Turner syndrome and their families and organizes many worthwhile activities and supports.
  • Boston International Turner Syndrome Summit
    This is an 8 day residential learning experience for girls with Turner syndrome between 12 and 18 offered each year at the end of July and beginning of August. It is organized by people with Turner syndrome and parents of girls with Turner syndrome. It is a wonderful bonding and learning experience. Doctors from MGHfC participate in this program.
  • Magic Foundation
    Help and information for many different disorders of growth including Turner Syndrome
  • Standing Tall with Turner Syndrome, editor Claudette Beit-Aharon
    This book is edited by the mother of one of our patients and has wonderful stories of growth and resilience written by girls who have Turner syndrome.

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