We are pleased to announce Dr. Jeff Ecker, chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology, as the new chair of the Executive Committee on Community Health (ECOCH). He succeeds Dr. Katrina Armstrong, physician-in-chief, who has served in this role since ECOCH’s inception in 2014. Dr. Ecker has been a member of ECOCH since 2019 and serves on the race equity subcommittee. He also chairs the newly formed policy and advocacy subcommittee.

Dr. Ecker has a longstanding commitment to community health. After graduating from Harvard Medical School and completing his OB/GYN residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, he practiced as a general OB/GYN in San Diego, staffing a large network of community health centers and helping to run a free-standing birth center. Dr. Ecker completed fellowships in maternal-fetal medicine and obstetrical ultrasound at the University of California in San Francisco that included a focus on community care. Recently, he led efforts at Mass General to address the care of women and families affected by substance use disorder (SUD) during pregnancy.

Dr. Ecker's academic and clinical interests include reproductive ethics and quality, equity and safety. In each of these arenas, he works to identify and reduce disparities in care and outcomes with the goal of providing everyone with truly equitable care. 

Speaking at his first meeting as ECOCH chair, Dr. Ecker said, “I am excited about the opportunity to help the committee and its members as we embrace community health. Coming from a procedural /surgical background, I will encourage pragmatism, focus and connection in ECOCH meetings.”


ECOCH was formed in 2014 to guide the community health work of the hospital and to put community health on a level playing field with the other components of the Mass General mission. The charge to ECOCH is “to promote community health improvement and ensure health equity, leveraging all four components of the Mass General mission: patient care, teaching, research and community health.”