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  • Musculoskeletal Imaging

    In the Division of Musculoskeletal Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, musculoskeletal radiologists are recognized internationally for clinical expertise in the diagnosis of bone, joint and spine disorders including sports injury, trauma, arthritis, cancer and other conditions. We specialize in interventions that use image guidance for pain management, spine and joint injections, biopsies and minimally invasive cancer treatments. Our radiologists are also known for teaching and research in musculoskeletal disorders.

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  • Psychology Assessment Center

    The pediatric neuropsychology specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Psychology Assessment Center provide neuropsychological assessments to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological, medical, genetic and developmental disorders.

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  • Pediatric Rheumatology Program

    Pediatric rheumatologists at MassGeneral Hospital for Children specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all rheumatic and inflammatory conditions of infants, children and adolescents.

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  • Lyme Arthritis Program

    The Massachusetts General Hospital Lyme Arthritis Program is recognized internationally for its expertise in researching, diagnosing and treating the manifestations of Lyme disease, including Lyme arthritis.

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  • Keep the ticks off: Tips for protecting yourself - 5/25/2018, Mass General

    The late spring and early summer are great times to get outside and hike, play sports or barbecue with family and friends. Just remember, some uninvited guests may show up at your party – ticks like this time of year, too.

  • Lyme Disease: Q&A with Dr. Mark Pasternack - 5/25/2012, Clinical

    Mark Pasternack, MD, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Disease at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, answers parents' questions about how to protect kids from Lyme disease and what to do if a child is bitten by a tick.