Consultation Service

  • Guidance in planning and conducting human subjects research
  • Assistance before, during and after regulatory review to address issues and discuss practical solutions

Examples of Service

  • The Consent Process
  • Appropriate and Effective Recruitment Plans
  • Confidentiality or Handling Sensitive Information
  • Disclosure of Findings or Results
  • Enrollment of Vulnerable Subjects
  • Using the Partners QI checklist and delineating care/research activities
  • IRB review of survey/interview methods
  • Digital Health/Social Media uses
  • Risk/Benefit Assessment and Study Design (e.g. mitigating risks)
  • Best Practices in IRB Applications, Communications and Responses to Review

Education and Other Activities

  • Work with DCR Center for Clinical Research Education to supplement curriculum with offerings related to Bioethics and pragmatic advice
  • Liaison with IRB to stay up to date on new policies and procedures and to share investigator needs

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