The Mass General Dental Group is a hospital-based group practice containing multiple dental specialists under one roof.  Like traditional dental practices, we are open to the public and provide all aspects of preventive, therapeutic, and restorative dental care.  We also serve patients of all ages and integrate a broad range of dental specialists, making us the ideal destination for your family's complete dental needs.  Every member of our staff has a faculty appointment at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, ensuring that your dentist is on the forefront of the latest research, technology, and clinical techniques.  Because we are conveniently located adjacent to the Mass General campus, at 165 Cambridge Street in Boston, our patients reap the benefits of our association with the hospital without having to visit Central Registration.

Members of your comprehensive health care team

As Mass General doctors, our general dentists also serve as consultants on the hospital's medical staff, bringing special expertise in the dental management of medically-compromised patients. Each of our general dentists has completed advanced training in hospital-based practice and many are Fellows of the American Association of Hospital Dentistry. This added expertise means that we have the ability to communicate effectively with physicians, access medical records, and provide care when needed in an operating room setting.


As part of Mass General's Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the Division of Dentistry has special expertise in working with dental restoration and facial reconstruction for trauma patients.  We provide inpatient consultations for myriad conditions that have dental implications, such as heart valve surgery, bone marrow and other organ transplants, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunocompromised patients.

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