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8/2/2022 COVID Skin Signs Vary by Type of Variant, UK Study Finds                                               Dermatologist Esther Freeman, MD discusses new findings related to skin conditions on the different types of COVID variants.

7/27/2022Woman’s rare illness xeroderma pigmentosum means UV light causes severe burns, blisters, cancer
WCVB-TV Bostonl Video Report: Quotes Mass General Hospital Dermatologist and Cancer Center physician Shawn Demehri, MD PHD.
6/23/2022: America's Best Cosmetic Dermatologists
Newsweek:  Mathew Avram, MD, Director of Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center at Mass General was ranked number 9 our of more than 2000 cosmetic dermatologists.
6/16/2022:  Wound care following MMS critical in preventing hyperpigmentation in skin of color
Healio:  Ramone Williams, MD, Mohs and Cosmetic Surgeon discusses the increasing number of people of color who are having Mohs Surgery.
6/15/2022:What Heat Rash Looks Like and How to Treat It
Shape Magazine:  Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD shares tips on how to treat heat rash.
6/10/2022;  Current monkeypox outbreak marked by unconventional spread, clinical features
Dermatology News:  Dermatologist Esther Freeman, MD, discusses the clinical presentation of monkeypox and differences in previous outbreaks globally.
6/10/2022: Eczema on the Ears and Eyebrows: Triggers, Treatment, and Prevention
Everyday Health:  Dermatologist Jeff Yu MD, , discusses if you develop an itchy, scaly rash on your ear or mysteriously flaky eyebrows, the culprit might be eczema — either atopic dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis
5/21/2022: Shingles-monkeypox claim misleads with false flu-COVID-19 theory
Politact Fact: The Poynter Institute:  Dermatologist Esther Freeman, MD discusses the differences in shingles and monkeypox.
3/27/2022:  Study Defines 6 Most Common Contact Dermatitis Allergens in Younger, Older Children 
HCP Live: Mass General Dermatologist ,Jeff Yu, MD discuss the latest research regarding common fragrances, metals, and preservations that have driven up pediatric allergic contact dermatitis in recent years.
3/22/2022: Sun Exposure and Melanoma, Sun-Seeking, and Sun Protection: Fact and Fiction 
Dermatology Times:  Chief of Dermatology, David Fisher, MD, PhD discusses facts and myths regarding sun exposure and sun protection.
2/10/2022:   Q &  AMicro-coring ellacor device could improve facial wrinkles, laxity
Helio: Mathew Avram, MD answers questions about a new device that is a minimally invasive micro-coring device for the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles in the mid to lower face.
2/7/2022:  Hair Loss Drugs Ranked in Order of Efficacy
MedPage Today:  Dermatologist, Maryanne Senna discuss results of analysis of drugs used for hair loss treatments
2/7/2022: What Is "Zoom Dysmorphia" and Why Was It Causing Me So Much Anxiety?  
Good Housekeeping:  Dermatologist, Shadi Kourosh, MD provides some tips on how to counteract the effects.

11/22/2021How To Keep Your Cuticles From Going To Hell This Winter
Huff Post: Dermatologist, Neera Nathan, MD shares tips for keeping cuticles healthy during the winter months
10/6/2021:‘COVID toes’ may be caused by a powerful immune response, a new study finds 
New York Times:  Dermatologist, Dr. Esther Freeman discusses COVID-toes and that it may be caused by an immune response.
9/1/2021: ‘I believe it’s a mental health issue’: the rise of Zoom dysmorphia"
The Guardian; Dermatologist, Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD explains how time spent in front of the camera can distort one's self image
8/27/2021: What is runner's itch? Experts discuss how to prevent this annoying sensation. 
Today; Video Report:  Dermatologist, Sarina Elmariah, MD, PhD explains what runner's itch is and how to avoid it.
6/8/2021: Carcinogen Found in Some Sunscreens  
NECN: Video report; Dr. Mathew Avram comments on the study, the importance of using sunscreens, and what to look for on sunscreen labels and how often to use sunscreens.
6/3/2021: Do LED masks work for acne, wrinkles? Dermatologists weigh in   
Today: Dr. Mathew Avram, Director of the Mass General Dermatology and Laser Center discusses the effectiveness of at-home LED masks.
5/12/2021: New cellulite treatment targets underlying cause 
WCVB-TV Boston Video Report:  Dr. Mathew explains how a new treatment targets the underlying cause of cellulite.
4/23/2021:Cutaneous reactions to Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines minor
Healio: Dermatologist, Dr. Esther Freeman discusses results from a study.
 4/15/2021: Rashes Can Occur After COVID Vaccine,  But Dermatologists Say 'Don't Worry
US News:  Dermatologist, Dr. Esther Freeman explains that rashes can occur after a COVID Vaccine but there is no need for worry.
4/15/2021: :Ask An Expert: Skin reactions to COVID-19 vaccines
KCBS Radio: Skin reactions to vaccines are a non-life threatening albeit annoying side effect for some people. Listen as Dr. Esther Freemans talks about some of the side effects.
4/12/2021:  Why COVID arm and other post-vaccine rashes might actually be a ‘good thing’
Washington Post:  Dermatologist, Esther Freeman, MD, PhD, explains why post-vaccine rashes may be a good thing.
4/12/2021Had Facial Fillers? What You Need to Know About COVID Vaccines.
Health Day: Dermatologist, Esther Freeman, MD, PhD,explained that lots of people get facial fillers and developing a reaction to the vaccine is extremely rare and temporary.
4/2/2021: MGH Dermatologists treating more patients with Zoom dysmorphia
Boston 25 News:  Previous Video report featuring Mathew Avram, MD discussing the increase in cosmetic procedures since people are seeing themselves on Zoom Meetings.  
3/19/2021: Vaccine Patients Experiencing ‘Vaccine Arm’ Days After Injection 
Dermatology Times:  Esther Freeman, MD explains that "vaccine arm" is temporary.
2/11/2021:  I've had facial fillers. Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Today: Mass General Dermatologists, Mathew Avram, MD and Esther Freeman, MD address your concerns.
2/11/2021: Getting a 'COVID arm' rash after the Moderna vaccine might be itchy, but it's no big deal.
Insider: Dr. Esther Freeman explains that the rash is temporary, no need to panic and no reason not to get your second shot.
1/28/2021: COVID arm' rash seen after Moderna vaccine annoying but harmless, doctors say
USA Today:  Dr. Esther Freeman explains that this rash is temporary and no need to panic.
1/27/2021: Rare Cosmetic Filler Reactions to COVID Vaccine  
NECN: Video report featuring Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD explaining a rare reaction to cosmetic fillers related to cosmetic fillers.
1/25/2021: Video calls create rise in cosmetic procedures, so called ‘Zoom dysmorphia’ 
NewsNation Now: Dermatologist, Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD discusses  that some people are seeking cosmetic procedures because of how they look on Zoom.
1/13/2021:  How to Treat a Sunburn for Fast Relief
Shape: JiaDe (Jeff) Yu, MD, Director of Mass General Dermatology Occupational and Contact Dermatitis Clinic provides tips on how to treat sunburn. 
1/12/2021:  What is ‘Zoom dysmorphia?’ Insecurity rises due to video calls
Today:  Dermatologist, Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD explains "Zoom dysmorphia: and how it's driving some people to have cosmetic procedures. 
11/19/2020  Canada Talks Dr. Esther Freeman Joins Matt Gurney
Canada Talks SirusXM 167: Listen to an interview with Dr. Esther Freeman about Coronavirus and tracking skin reactions
4/27/2020  CDC Adds 6 New Coronavirus Symptoms to List 
Fox News: Dermatologist, Esther Freeman discuss a condition : "COVID Toes" seen in some Coronavirus patients.
4/17/2020 What are 'COVID  Toes'? Dermatologists, Podiatrists Share Strange Findings
Today, NBC:  Mass General Dermatologist Esther Freeman, MD, discuss a condition that some COVID patients experience.  Dr. Freeman has set up a registry with the American Academy of Dermatology to help track and understand skin conditions that may present with COVID-19.