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Read the latest news about Mass General Hospital Dermatology discoveries, prevention tips, and innovative breakthroughs in cosmetic dermatology.


 1/17/18 Skin Exam Advised Before Anti-TNF-alpha Therapy Dermatologist and co-director of the Comprehensive Cutaneous Lymphoma Program at Massachusetts General Hospital comments on a study that highlights how TNF-alpha inhibitors may be undiagnosed or unmasked by TNF-alpha inhibitors.


 1/11/2018  Why Do Fingernails Fall Off When They Are Damaged?

 StatNews: Watch a video as MGH Dermatologist, Dr. A. Shadi Kourosh explains what happens to your fingernails when they are damaged.


 8/31/2017 An Ouchless Guide to Hair Removal

 Wall Street Journal:  Mathew Avram, MD, director of the MGH Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center discussed the pros and cons of laser hair removal.


 8/29/2017 How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

 SELF: Dermatologist and hair loss specialist, Maryanne Senna, MD says how often you wash your hair is different for everyone and every hair type is different.


8/22/2017 Thinning Hair, A New Treatment Offers Hope

New York Times:  Maryanne M. Senna, MD, dermatologist and hair loss specialist comments on a new treatment that offers hope and says the key to any treatment being effective is compliance and giving the treatment time to work.


7/28/2017 5 Unsettling Facts About Scabies in Light of the Recent Winchester Hospital Alert

Boston Globe: Dermatologist, Shinjita Das, MD comments on the classic locations where the red scaly rash can develop and how it can be treated.
5/11/2017 How to spot a mole if cancerous: Animation graphic reveals the ABCDE of skin cancer warning signs.
Daily Mail: UK:  Dr. David Fisher, Chief of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital  explains the benefits of early detection for skin cancer.
5/11/2017 Concern over "Tanning Addicts"
Bermuda Gazette:   David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Dermatology at Mass General Hospital says it is possible that subconscious "sun seeking" behavior  may be a challenge in avoiding the sun for some people.
2/21/2017 New Health Concerns Over Gel Manicures
NBC Boston: Video news report: Dr. Mathew Avram comments on gel manicures and provides tips on how to protect your skin.
2/20/2017 How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Lasers or Chemicals
New York Times:  Dr. Mathew Avram provides advice on microneedling, more is not always better and what topical products may cause irritation.
2/3/2017 Why is My Hair Falling Out?
Refinery 29:  Maryanne Senna, MD, dermatologist and hair loss specialist explains what is normal hair loss and what can cause hair loss.
9/26/2016 Two Machines to Make You Look Better Wrinkles, brown spots, enlarged pores are just some of the changes as we age.  Watch this video showing Dr. Mathew Avram using two new FDA approved treatments that are helping people turn back the clock.
7/29/16 Trend Watch: People Are Injecting Gas Into Their Eyes to Fix Dark Circles
Stat News:  MGH Cosmetic dermatologist, Molly Wanner, MD suggests that people should be skeptical; there isn't evidence to back up this procedure.
7/26/16 Should You Get Screened for Skin Cancer?
New York Times:  Dr. Hensin Tsao, MGH Dermatologist shares his viewpoint that everyone should have their skin examined by a physician at some point in their early adult hood.
3/25/2016 From Zits to Warts-What Disturbs People the Most
Student Science: MGH Dermatologist, Alexa B. Kimball, MD, MPH shares results from a study that indicated that people have false beliefs about acne.  The best way to fight these myths is through education.
3/23/2016 Top Ten Health Trends: Connected Health
HCI: Healthcare Informatics Dermatologist and Vice President of Partners Connected Health Care for Partners Healthcare,  Joseph Kvedar, MD discusses how these new programs help to educate patients about their lifestyle and illness.
3/16/2016 Misconceptions About Acne Still Common
HealthDay:  Alexa B. Kimball, MD, MPH, Director of for Clinical Trials at MGH Dermatology shares results from a study that indicated that there are many negative and mistaken beliefs about people with acne.
3/13/2016 Acne: It's not contagious and other things dermatologists want you to know
 USA Today: Alexa B. Kimball, MD, MPH a dermatologist at Mass General states that acne is not about dirt, it's about inflammation.  Read how treatments for acne have evolved over the years.
2/22/2016  Skin Conditions: Knowing When It's Considered Alarming or Not
NewsWatchNGR:  MGH Dermatologist, A. Shadi Kourosh, MD discussed the importance of early diagnosis to determine if a change in your skin is serious or not.
2/1/2016 Topical Treatment On The Horizon For Common Warty Skin Growths 
Medical Interview with Director of Dermatologic Surgery at MGH, Victor Neel, MD, PhD regarding a new study paper that heralds the introduction of a future  topical at home treatment for seborrheic keratoses.
12/30/15 How to Combat Itchy Winter Skin
Boston WBZ-TV Channel 4: Video report featuring an interview by Mallicka Marshall, MD with MGH dermatologist, Alexa Kimball, MD, MPH on tips for protecting your skin during the winter months.
11/15/15 When the Doctor Prescribes an App
Wall Street Journal Report:  Video report features MGH Dermatologist, Joseph Kvedar, MD of Partners Healthcare Connected Health discusses on how patients can manage their health using a step by step approach.
11/01/15 This is the Age When You Start to Look Visibly Older
Marie Claire Article:  MGH Dermatologist, Alexa Kimball, MD, MPH, discusses study results after analyzing the genes of more than 200 women of different ethnicites over the course of two years.   The study was able to pinpoint five different cells processes that slow of decline at five landmark ages.
9/14/15 Special Report: Best Face Forward
WHDH-TV, Ch 7;  There is  a new treatment for melting double chin fat.  Mathew Avram, MD , director of the MGH Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center explained how Kybella injections work.
9/11/15FDA Approves Humira for Moderate to Severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Healio:  MGH dermatologist, Alexa Kimball, MD discusses having a validated treatment option with rigorous data to support its use is a major step forward for our patients
9/10/15 New Indication for Adalimumab
MD Magazine:   Alexa Kimball, MD, Director of the Dermatology Clinical Trial Unit, discusses  a newly approved treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
8/31/15 What to Watch for After Skin Cancer
Wall Street Journal: Maryam Asgari, MD, MGH dermatologist, and director of the High Risk Skin Cancer Clinic, comments on study results and the importance of skin cancer screenings.
7/25/15  Pro Tips for Protecting Your Skin While Working Out in the Sun
ESPNW: MGH Dermatologist, Daniela Kroshinsky, MD provided tips for athletes and people who work outdoors that aid in protecting the skin from sun damage and to reduce skin cancer incidence.
7/22/15  Facebook reminders help teens control asthma

MedCityNews: Dermatologist and Vice President of Partners Connective Health, Joseph Kvedar, MD shares some preliminary findings from a study that indicate that social media can provide significant improvement in engagement and in symptom control when patients received reminders and encouragement from clinicians and peers via Facebook.

6/29/15 Why Connected Medicine Is Becoming Vital to Health Care
Wall Street Journal: MGH Dermatologist, Joseph Kvedar, MD  explains how better communications and digital tools are revolutionizing health care.
6/10/15 Harvard Scientists Discover Why Some People Don't Look Like They Have Aged
Boston Magazine:  A study led by dermatologist Alexa B. Kimball, MD looked at the question of why some women look younger than their actual age. Read why some people look younger, even without cosmetic enhancements.
5/29/15 House Calls to the Homeless
Boston Globe:  Feature story highlighting Dr. Ernesto Gonzalez's mission  that created dermatology clinics at the McInnis House for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program and created clinical rotations for residents to be involved in community service.
5/15/15 Martha’s Vineyard’s Sunny Skies Bring a Health Risk
Martha's Vineyard Times: Dr. David Fisher, Chief of Mass General Dermatology comments on the rising rate of skin cancer and possible reasons as to the high incidence rate.
5/11/15 Harvard Dermatology Professor Receives American Skin Association Mentor Award
Healio: Dermatologists and Harvard Professors, Howard P. Baden MD and Alexa B. Kimball, MD receive awards.  Dr. Baden receive an award for his outstanding service and dedication to mentoring future academic dermatologists and scientists.  Dr. Kimball received an award for research achievement in public policy and medical education.
5/1/15 Injection Offers Option to Slim Down Double Chin Without Surgery
New York Times:  Dr. Lyn Drake comments on the new injections that slim down a double chin without surgery.
4/28/15 City Councilor Wants Free  Sunscreen in Boston Parks
Boston Globe:  Dermatologist, Dr. Victor Neel comments on the importance of education in protecting the skin from the sun's harmful rays.
4/17/15 Face Off: Five Anti-Aging Creams Tested
Van Winkles: MGH Dermatologist, Molly Wanner, MD discusses the effectiveness of ingredients that are  in night creams.
4/2/15: 5 Surprising Ways Men and Women Sense Things Differently                
Fox News Health:Dermatologist and Researcher, Ethan Lerner, MD commented on how the size of a person's fingertips affects the sense of touch.
1/29/15 Study: App Increases Adherence to Sun Protection
Mobile Health News:  Dermatologists, Joseph Kvedar, MD and Shadi Kourosh, MD commented on a new app that helps patients adhere to sun protection.
12/08/14  Time to Talk ALS
CNN Video: The Department of Dermatology, Clinical Unit for Research Trials and Outcomes in Skin is assisting ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI) in learning more about ALS and potential therapies.
8/11/14 Four Drug Categories Can Help to Better Manage Chronic Itch 
Dermatology Times:  Dermatologist, Sarina Elmariah, MD shared insights based on her research and clinical experience on managing chronic itch by targeting the right itch.
8/11/14  Psoriasis Ups Risk of Cancer, Serious Infection
MedPage Today: At a recent Academy of Dermatology meeting, Alexa Kimball, MD presented data reporting  rates of malignancy among patients with psoriasis outpaced national averages, irrespective of therapy in most cases.
7/30/2014  Stop Sunbathing and Using Tanning Beds
WFXT-TV, Ch. 25 Boston: Video interview with David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chairman of Dermatology at Mass General discusses the dangers or tanning and provides prevention tips.
7/9/2014: MGH Researchers Discover UV Radiation May Be Addictive
WBZ Boston: Watch a video as Dr. Mallika Marshall interviews David Fisher, MD, PhD regarding new MGH research that indicates that ultraviolet radiation (UV) may be addictive.
6/20/2014: Why is sunning like addiction? Study could explain

NBC Today:  Watch a video that features David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Dermatology at Mass General explain a new study that finds that UV light may be addicting. This study and its implications have been highlighted both nationally and globally.  Here are a few links to related stories:

CBS News: Addicted to Tanning? Sunshine can really act like a drug, study finds
Fox News:  UV exposure may cause drug-like addiction
BBC News: Sunbathing 'may be addictive' warning
ABC News Australia: New study finds UV light may be physically addictive 

6/12/2014  Alice Hatch is one in 100 Honorees
Concord Journal:  Hensin Tsao, MD, Director of the Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Center honors Alice Hatch for understanding  the devastation of disease, the importance of research, the challenges of funding and the benefits of knowledge.

6/8/2014  The Health-Care Industry is Pushing Patients to Help Themselves

Wall Street Journal:  Dermatologist and Director of Partner's Center for  Connected Health, Joseph Kvedar, MD  discussed technology and personalized approaches that helps to engage patients.
6/1/2014 4 Sunscreen Mistakes You are Probably Making HensinTsao, MD Mass General Dermatologist discusses the 4 sunscreen mistakes that people make.
6/1/2014 No Pain, No Gain, As Tattoo Regret Fuels Laser Removal
Bloomberg:  Mathew Avram, MD commented on the growing trends in tattoo removal and the newest, pico-second equipment and how it is better tolerated.
5/31/2014  The Enduring Promise of a Thinner You
New York Times: Read about the non-invasive body contouring treatment that melts fat that was developed at Mass General Dermatology.  Mathew Avram, MD explains how this works and that it's not for weight loss, but for body contouring of stubborn areas of fat.
2/28/2014 Thermo-laser treatment creates buzz...but not for reason you may think

NECN: Watch a video about a new laser treatment for under arm sweat.  Mathew Avram, MD, Director of the Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center discusses other alternatives for reducing under arm sweat.

2/1/2014 Indoor Tanning: The Link to Melanoma is No Longer Deniable
Skin Cancer Foundation: Dr. David Fisher along with Drs. Elena Hawryluk and Alan Geller summarize research published over two decades that provides compelling evidence of the tanning's link to melanoma and other skin cancers.
1/14/2014 Study: Baby wipes may cause skin problems
NECN News: Watch a video featuring MGH Dermatologist, Maryanne M. Senna, MD discussing why some baby wipes may be causing skin problems and what ingredients in the wipes may be problematic.
1/6/2014 Laser Hair Removal's Risks
New York Times Online:  Mathew Avram MD, Director of the MGH Laser and Cosmetic Center discusses the risks of laser hair removal when performed by non-physicians with minimal training.  The article provides factors you should consider.
8/15/2013  Are You Getting A Good Skin Cancer Check? Hensin Tsao, MD, Director of the Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Center at Massachusetts General Hospital talks about the importance of getting a good skin cancer check.
7/28/2013 The Link Between Food Allergies and Eczema  Pediatric Dermatology, Daniela Kroshinsky, MD  discusses the link between food allergies and eczema.
7/20/2013 Dissent Over a Device to Help Find Melanoma
 New York Times:  Dr. Hensin Tsao, Director  of the Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital comments on a new device that aids dermatologists in capturing images and analyzing the likelihood of melanoma.
6/26/2013 Melanoma Deaths More Likely in Young Men than Women David Fisher, MD, PhD, comments on a new skin cancer study that reveals striking disparities between men and women in terms of survival.

6/12/2013  Sun Protection and New Treatments in Anti-Aging
Chicago Tribune:   The best way to lessen the appearance of skin aging is to protect it from the sun, says Dr. Rebecca Campen, a dermatologist at Mass General. In this article, Dr. Campen offers other tips to prevent sun damage and discusses new treatments to help aging skin, including home-based remedies and cosmetic procedures.
6/11/2013  New Treatment for Varicose Veins
WebMD:  Cosmetic Dermatologist, Sandy Tsao, MD discusses new treatment options for varicose veins.
5/23/2013  Why You Have to Scratch That Itch Health News: Read and listen to an interview with Ethan Lerner, MD Dermatologist and Harvard Researcher on the causes of itch.
3/09/2013 More than a Quarter of Melanoma Survivors Skip Sunscreen, Study Finds
Health News: Health Day: Dr. Hensin Tsao, Director of the Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Program at  Mass General Dermatology commented on the study's findings.
3/09/2013 1 in 4 Skin Cancer Survivors Skip Sunscreen
NBC News Story quotes, David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chair of MGH Department of Dermatology about the surprising new data regarding sunscreen use by skin cancer survivors.
03/13/2013 Can't Touch This.."Latex-Free" Labels Misleading 
Harvard Health Publications quotes Dr. Peter Schalock, Dermatologist explains what to expect if you develop an allergic reaction to latex.
2/26/2013 New Studies on Aesthetic Laser Procedures
Boston Fox Channel 25: What should you ask before having a cosmetic laser procedure? Watch an interview with Mathew Avram, MD.
 11/1/2012  Redheads Increased Melanoma Risk May Be in Their Genes, Not Sun
Daily Dose: Coverage of a study led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Director of The Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC).
11/1/2012 Redheads May Be at Greater Risk of Melanoma Even Without the Sun

LA Times:  A study led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, suggested that the pigment that causes hair to be red may be a trigger for increased risk of melanoma.

11/1/2012 It's Not Just Their Fair Complexions
Glamour Magazine: It's not just their fair complexions- new research sheds light on why redheads are more prone to skin cancer. Coverage of a study published in "Journal of Nature" that was led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of the Department of Dermatology at Mass General Hospital.
10/11/2012 Start Psoriasis Treatment at Younger Age
Global Medical News Network: Watch a video as Alexa Kimball, MD, Vice Chair of Department of Dermatology at Mass General discusses why it is beneficial to some patients to start psoriasis treatments at a younger age.
8/30/2012 That Rose Color in Your Cheeks Could Be Bacteria

ABC News Radio: What is that rose color in your cheeks?  Mathew Avram, MD comments on new research findings for rosacea and the potential for new treatments.

8/6/2012 Parasols Could Become Trendy
Boston Globe: David Fisher, MD PhD and Chief of Dermatology at Mass General discussed sun protection.
7/3/2012 New Laser Aims to Zap Cellulite at the Source
The Wall Street Journal: Mathew Avram, MD, Director of Mass General Dermatology Laser & Cosmetic Center discusses a new laser designed to zap cellulite.
5/31/2012 5 Sun Safety Mistakes to Avoid this Summer
Boston.Com/Daily Dose: Article quotes Mass General physician, Hensin Tsao, MD, PhD, Clinical Director, Melanoma and Pigmented Lesion Center.
5/17/2012 When Younger Skin is Not a Blessing
New York Times: Coverage of study led by Alexa Kimball, MD, MPH, Mass General's Vice Chair of the  Department of Dermatology and Director of Clinical Unit of Research Trials in Skin.
5/8/2012 LED Light Promises DIY Liposuction
Boston Channel 5 Video Report:  Mathew Avram, MD, Director of Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center provides insight regarding this new therapy.
5/4/2012 Zeroing in on Cellulite
The New York Times: Molly Wanner, MD physician at Mass General's Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center provides quotes regarding a new laser technology for treating cellulite.
5/3/2012 Is Tanning Addictive?
NECN News and Video: The Tedaldi Treatment: Is Tanning Addictive?  David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Mass General's Department of Dermatology and The Cancer Center's Melanoma Program discusses research on why we can become addicted to tanning and the increased rise in Melanoma.
3/21/2012 Dealing with Excess Body Hair
WebMD Expert Opinion from Mass General's Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Sandy Taso, MD answering questions about dealing with unwanted body hair, and when it can be unhealthy.
1/30/2012 Medical Spas Are Booming
Boston Globe article quoted Mathew Avram, MD, Director of Mass General's Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center regarding checking the credentials of the provider of laser cosmetic procedures.
1/25/2012 The Medicine Cabinet : Ask the Harvard Experts- Even with treatment, skin fungus may return
Rebecca Campen, MD, Mass General dermatologist answers questions about white patches on your skin- a type of fungus that destroys the melanin in your skin.
1/18/2012 More Men Turning to Cosmetic Procedures
Boston Chanel 5 WCVB-TV: According to Mathew Avram, MD, Director of Mass General's Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center, more men are seeking non-invasive laser procedures to help them get an edge. Channel 5 Video of procedure that aired on 2/25/2012
9/26/2011 Photo rejuvenation Requires Person Touch from Physicians

Modern Medicine: Mass General Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon, Sandy Tsao, MD discussed why it is important for patients seeking cosmetic dermatology to have individualized treatment plans.

9/2/2011 Getting a tattoo is easy. Undoing it is no pretty picture

The Boston Globe quotes Mass General physician Mathew Avram regarding tattoo removal.

8/10/2011  Cosmetic Concerns: Mineral Make-up
Boston WHDH, Channel 7 Healthcast: Mathew Avram, MD, Director of the Mass General Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center explained what is in  mineral makeup.
7/28/2011  Summer Skin Tips
Q & A with Mathew Avram, MD was in a video news story from Boston's Fox 25

7/6/2011 Incorrect Sunscreen Use May Increase Cancer Risk:
WCVB-TV Boston, Channel 5:  A video news story with tips for the proper use of sunscreens from Mathew Avram, MD

Child with sunscreen 


5/24/2011 Chronicle HD, Melanoma Chronicle/WCVB-TV, Ch. 5  A  previous video report featured MGH Cancer Center physicians Don Lawrence, David Fisher and Jennifer Wargo, MD

5/10/2011 Hidden Melanoma Increasing
WCVB TV Channel 5 Boston:   A previous video report with comments by Mass General's Chief of Dermatology, David Fisher, MD, PhD. on the importance of early detection of melanomas.

3/02/2011 Laser Reverses Sun Damage, Reduces Pre-skin Cancers 
WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston:Coverage of MGH developed technology. Dr. Matthew Avram, director of Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Center discussed the new Solta Dual Laser that is FDA-approved to reverse sun damage and it also can get rid of some marks that may become skin cancer.


2/28/2011 CNN Health: Teens Should be Banned from Tanning Booths
CNN Health, quotes Dr. David Fisher, Chief of Dermatology at Mass General Hospital, regarding the risks for teens using tanning booths.

2/10/2011 Deep Freeze Fat
Watch a video from ABC's Nightline featuring Mass General Physician R. Rox Anderson, MD his radical new technology that kills fat cells by freezing them.

2/09/2011 Fat: If You Can't Burn It, Freeze It
Good Morning America, ABC News: Watch a Video regarding the New Fat-Freezing Treatment, CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, that is the brainchild of MGH's Rox Anderson, MD


2/09/2011 New Tanning Treatment Promises Younger Skin
WCVB-TV, Ch. 5, The Boston Channel. Mass General's Mathew Avram, MD commented on the the effects of LED lighting.


2/09/2011 Fraxel Dual Treats Cosmetic Sun Damage
American Health and Beauty: Dr. Mathew Avram, Director of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital tells Dr. Oz that he chose this laser out of dozens to treat a patient because it's able to treat both the cosmetic sun damage and pre-cancerous cells known as actinic keratoses.


2/07/2011 Medscape Today: Safe and Effective Treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Medscape Today: Read new research findings presented by Dr. Alexa Kimball, MD, MPH at the 69th Annual Meeting for the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) for a safe and effective treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.


2/03/2011 Acne: What Causes It and How Can it Be Treated 
My Health News Daily quoted Dr. Mathew Avram regarding available options for the treatment of acne.



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