Friday, September 27, 2013

Lasting contributions to the Latino community


 GUIDED BY GIVING: From left, Canenguez, Ernesto González and Yesenia González


“Nothing is free. You have to work hard to get what you want,” said Yesenia González, medical assistant team lead in the Dermatology Department. “The best opportunity I’ve had in my life is to work for MGH; I cannot begin to explain how the people at MGH have impacted my life. They are my family.”

Yesenia González shared the spotlight with Katia Canenguez, clinical fellow in psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, as recipients of the 2013 Ernesto González Award for Outstanding Service to the Latino Community. The award is named for longtime MGH dermatologist Ernesto González, MD, who presented plaques to the winners during a Sept. 18 ceremony in the Thier Conference Room. “Congratulations to the two award recipients and all the others who were nominated,” he said. “Let’s work together to make the MGH very proud that we have a Hispanic community that represents all the things the MGH stands for.”

The Committee for Latino Initiatives and MGH Human Resources sponsored the annual event, held in connection with Latino Heritage Month. González and Canenguez were honored for providing support to underserved and homeless populations both locally and internationally.

“It is evident to me, by improving the quality of life of one family member, you are improving the quality of life of an entire family system,” said Canenguez. “I want to give back to the Latino community. I could not be where I am without the support of my mentors. I share this award with them.”

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