My Mass General Experience:

I am already a few years out of my internship at MGH, but over the years I have been able to sharpen the skills I learned. The internship helped strengthen the importance of professionalism, timeliness, flexibility, team work, creativity and having a voice of authority. Did I mention professionalism?

Some of my most vivid memories include: living in Boston with two of the other interns; being the only one on the T the mornings I helped open Eat Street or Coffee South; being inspired by each of my smart, savvy preceptors; eating lunch with the interns; creating a healthy sandwich that is still served at Eat Street today; receiving the Louise Hatch Award; Halloween secret goodie bags in the intern’s locker room; walking through the hallways of MGH.

My Life Beyond the Internship:

After the internship I went right into Graduate School at New York University, receiving my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition.  Since the internship I have worked as a Registered Dietitian in a long-term-care center and at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida. I thrived in this environment and found my passion: helping people make healthier choices through motivation, inspiration and practicality. I currently work as Nutrition Director with FLIK International, where I am dedicated to the 15 cafeterias, in six different states, that serve employees of Fidelity Investments.  I have volunteered on the Academy’s (then ADA) Legislative & Public Policy Committee, serving as chair of this committee and many other sub-committees and task forces.  I am the Delegate-At-Large for Under 30 Members in the Academy’s House of Delegates, as well as a member of the Academy's Council on Future Practice.

am in still in touch with many of my fellow interns. I actually gained my current position with FLIK through a contact I met at an MGH Alumni event I attended a few years ago.  Without that networking opportunity, I might still be in Florida!  I send holiday cards to all my MGH classmates, am friends with them all on Facebook, and appreciated all my contacts at MGH when it comes time to job searching and letters of recommendations. And being on the MGH Dietetic Internship Advisory Board, helps me to stay in touch with everyone year after year.

My Words of Advice:

Hang in there!  It’s a tough, challenging year; but once it’s over it will be the most rewarding year of your life!  You will forever be able to say with pride “I completed my dietetic internship at Mass General in Boston,” with no further explanation needed – everyone knows, MGH is the best!

Tracy Wilczek MS, RDN, LDN (class of 2005)

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