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The Pancreas Cyst Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, a collaboration between the Digestive Healthcare Center and the Mass General Cancer Center, provides imaging services as well as treatment and monitoring of patients with pancreatic cystic lesions. Our clinicians offer patients a comprehensive and personalized history and physical examination. The evaluation includes a review of previous imaging results, cyst fluid analysis and risk factors for malignancy. Computed tomography and Magnetic resonance imagery scans are submitted for interpretation by specialists in the Mass General Department of Imaging.

Clinical Research

We are recognized as one of the nation's foremost research centers in the study of pancreatic and biliary malignancies. Our research focuses on prolonging and improving patients' lives and includes:

  • Cutting-edge endoscopic approaches to pancreatic and biliary diseases
  • A nationally recognized research program in pancreatic cystic lesions
  • Hepatic and bile duct cancer research
  • Research related to the mechanisms that cause pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer

Our physicians are active in clinical trials and research studies related to pancreatic-biliary conditions, allowing us to bring our patients promising new treatments as quickly as possible.

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