Harvard Medical School Core Clerkship in Radiology at MGH, RD500M.3 and Harvard Medical School Elective Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology at MGH, RD501.3

Director: Robert A. Novelline, MD
Associate Director: Laura L. Avery, MD
Associate Director: Raul Uppot, MD

Instructors: Robert A. Novelline, MD, 60 MGH Faculty Members and Associates.

Harvard Medical School Core Clerkship in Radiology at MGH, RD500M.3

This clerkship is designed to teach fundamentals of diagnostic image interpretation and clinical indications for imaging examinations and special procedures and it is required for 3rd year Harvard Medical students. This radiology clerkship is formally structured with didactic lectures, problem-based learning exercises, programmed audiovisual teaching seminars, tutorials, conferences, observation of film interpretation and observation of special procedures. Students are introduced to digital imaging, PACS and the management, storage and presentation of electronic radiologic images. Lectures on basic principles of radiation therapy are given by staff members of the Radiation Medicine Department.

There are 12, four-week clerkship rotations each academic year. Student sessions run from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Enrollment maximum is 10 students.

Final grade is determined by observation of classroom performance, evaluation of presentation(s), written assignments, and final examination.

Objectives of the core clerkship are:

  • Review relevant anatomy, pathophysiology, technology and performance of examinations as it relates to the daily practice of radiology.
  • For a clinical scenario, recognize the radiological examinations available, know relative appropriateness criteria (cost, radiation, sedation, time, complication(s), consent, limitations, reimbursement (where applicable), and devise a logical course of action to solve clinical question(s).
  • Recognize and communicate the relevant clinical presentation as it pertains to the request for and interpretation of radiological examinations.
  • Given a clinical scenario and radiological findings, generate an appropriate, ordered differential diagnosis and a plan for management of the patient (next exam, treatment, consultation of a specialist).
  • Learn very basic plain film and CT interpretation and become familiar with sonography and MR, and recognize limitations in knowledge and understanding of radiological interpretation.
  • Become familiar with and begin to manage the digital aspects of modern radiology (PACS, PowerPoint, internet, CD-ROMs, etc.), radiology terminology, and radiology interpretation and use in digital presentation/consultation of case material.
  • Recognize aspects of patient autonomy in decision-making, communication, cultural differences and exhibit professionalism in dealing with radiological staff and patients.
  • Recognize and reduce areas of potential error.
  • Become familiar with what it is that radiologists and radiological subspecialists do, and how to interact with them as a clinical colleague. Consider a career in radiology in as much as it applies to your interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Harvard Medical School Elective Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology at MGH, RD501.3

This clerkship is offered full-time for one month, for a maximum of 5 students each month, except July and August, for students who have completed a core clerkship in radiology and desire another month of study of radiology. Programs are individually tailored according to students' interests and goals. Possibilities include intensive study in one or more radiology subspecialties, and clinical or laboratory research. After the student has been accepted into this clerkship, a personal discussion with Dr. Novelline is required to plan each student's individual program. Evaluation is based on observation of performance by clinical preceptors.

How to Apply

Students who wish to enroll in either clerkship must contact:

Harvard Medical School Registrar's Office
25 Shattuck Street
Bldg. A, Room 213
Boston, MA 02115-6092
Phone: 617-432-1515

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