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The Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) Finance Fellowship will not be accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Fellowship recruitment cycle. Please check back in May 2020 for updates on the 2021-2022 recruitment cycle.

The MGPO Finance Fellowship contributes to the growth and development of health care leaders in financial operations and strategic planning. The fellowship is dedicated to the physician organization financial cycle and the clinical practice.

Key financial areas Include:

  • Budget and financial planning (revenue, expense, capital and FTE)
  • Business transformation 
  • Compliance (existing and new business)
  • Professional billing office
  • Physician compensation
  • Physician analytics

During the assignments, the fellow may work either on specific deliverables dedicated to that key project or within an established job position. In addition to financial operations, as part of the fellowship experience, the fellow will support the operations of the MGPO Finance Strategic Plan and will manage a strategic initiative/project throughout the year.

Our program is tailored to allow the development of individual interests in a structured but flexible learning experience, interaction with senior and executive leadership, and participation in a diverse scope of operations. In essence each fellow will facilitate good working relationships with the MGPO community and further develop their skill set in financial operations and strategic planning.

As part of their professional development, fellows are invited to attend organizational meetings, lectures and symposiums, and may be funded to attend one national conference or convention. The Division of Finance within the MGPO offers a flexible and supportive environment in which the fellow is assigned a preceptor. The preceptor interacts regularly with the fellow to facilitate a comprehensive curriculum and provide personal growth and professional development.

Through education, exposure and work opportunities, we strive to provide our fellows a well-rounded, comprehensive experience.

James Heffernan
Senior Vice President Finance & Treasurer
Massachusetts General Physicians Organization
Co-Director, MGPO Finance Fellowship Program


The MGPO Finance Fellowship Program is oriented toward providing an applied post graduate setting for individuals who have a sound knowledge base in management and financial operations and seek a degree of competence in applying that learning to health service organizations.

Qualified candidates for the program are masters prepared individuals who have completed the degree requirements in one or more of the following fields of study or related degree programs:

  • Health Administration
  • Health Services Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Public Health

The applicants who meet the above criteria also must exhibit, through practicum experience, an articulation of their career objectives and an interest in a management/finance career in the setting of medical or health services delivery organizations. Although this concentration is not meant to exclude applicants whose backgrounds are general or directed toward planning, policymaking, public administration or research and evaluation, it does represent a priority of interest on the part of the MGPO Finance Division.


The MGPO Finance Fellowship has been designed to provide:

  • The opportunity for an individual to develop key competencies around leadership, decision making and communication in health care service delivery and finance
  • Knowledge of physician organization (PO), academic medical center (AMC) and health care system organizational dynamics, gained from working with leadership and staff at various levels of an integrated PO
  • An applied foundation in PO Budget and Financial Planning, Physician Payment Analysis, Practice Finance Management, Compliance Assessment and Response, Project Management and Strategic Planning
  • An appreciation for the common values shared by all health care professionals at Mass General and Partners HealthCare

The goal for the fellow is to develop a comprehensive understanding of all the core components of MGPO Finance and how the clinical practice and the physician organization apply key financial concepts to manage operations. 

Each rotation is collaboratively developed by the preceptor, the department mentor and the finance fellow. During each rotation, the fellow participates in core projects that support ongoing department objectives as well as the clinical practice. All of these experiences will help to strengthen the fellow’s competencies. Past key deliverables have included:  

  • Development of a budget plan (revenue, expense, capital and FTE)
  • New business risk assessment
  • Compensation GAP analysis
  • Creation of a physician organization drug charge master  
  • Creation of physician leadership program
  • Practice management (operations)  
  • Ambulatory metric management

In partnership with the Mass General Administrative Fellowship, the MGPO Finance Fellow participates regularly in journal clubs, networking events and other fellows activities.

How to Apply

The MGPO Finance Fellowship will not be accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Fellowship recruitment cycle. Please check back in May 2020 for updates on the 2021-2022 recruitment cycle.