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  • Endocrine Unit Research

    Research in the Endocrine Unit focuses on metabolic bone diseases and mineral metabolism and ranges from trials of novel therapies for osteoporosis to use of genetically altered mice and cell biology to understand the factors that influence calcium and phosphate metabolism.

  • Endocrine Unit: Bastepe Laboratory

    Bastepe Lab

    The Bastepe Lab strives to improve clinical management of endocrine and musculoskeletal disorders through fundamental research that involves genetics and molecular and cell biology.

  • Endocrine Unit: Demay Laboratory

    Endocrine Unit: Demay Laboratory

    The Demay Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital is focused on understanding the role of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) in skeletal maturation and in cutaneous homeostasis.

  • Endocrine Unit: Kobayashi Laboratory

    Endocrine Unit: Kobayashi Laboratory

    The Kobayashi Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates the genetics of skeletal development.

  • Endocrine Unit: Kronenberg Laboratory

    The Kronenberg Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital uses genetically altered mice to study signaling by the PTH/PTHrP receptor in bone, bone development more generally and the relationships between cells of the osteoblast lineage and hematopoiesis.

  • Endocrine Unit: Mannstadt Laboratory

    Endocrine Unit: Mannstadt Laboratory

    Research in the Mannstadt Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on diseases of the parathyroid glands and mineral metabolism.

  • Endocrine Unit: Thomas Gardella, PhD

    Thomas Gardella, PhD

    Thomas Gardella, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in Medicine and Biochemistry in the Massachusetts General Hospital Endocrine Unit, and conducts basic research on parathyroid hormone (PTH) and the PTH receptor.

  • Endocrine Unit: Wein Laboratory

    Marc Wein, MD, PhD

    The Wein laboratory studies molecular mechanisms controlling osteocyte differentiation and function. Our research focuses on transcriptional control of sclerostin, an osteocyte-specific secreted protein that happens to be a drug target for osteoporosis. We are interested in understanding how osteocytes turn on sclerostin, and how signals that boost bone formation (parathyroid hormone, mechanical loading) regulate its expression.

  • Endocrine/Nephrology Unit: Rhee Laboratory

    Eugene Rhee, MD

    The Eugene Rhee Laboratory is interested in several aspects of renal metabolism, with the goal to understand how alterations in energy metabolism contribute to kidney disease pathogenesis and its complications and to discover metabolite markers of CKD and its progression.

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